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Super Tuesday Open Thread

Ten states vote on Super Tuesday:

Post your news, observations and insights in the comment section below.

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another victory for SROG!

idaho primaries

Judging by the way the Salt Lake Tribune (guess who owns this paper)has been fawning over Mitt, expect ID, UT, NV,& AZ to have percentages for Mitt that look like a Russian or Chinese election.

The same influence (or is it affluence?) is at play to a lesser extent in CA, CO, WY, & WA.

What a spectacle it is: self-seen, dyed-in-the-wool conservatives supporting Mr. Socialized medicine. All the while ignoring a true conservative candidate. The newspapers won't print RP's name.

How can it be wrong to vote against someone based their religion, but right to vote for them because of their religion?

How can one be pro-life and pro-war at the same time?

Thank you Ron Paul. The dialogue you have introduced is progress in itself. This is why the fight should go on all the way to the convention. Nothing is lost by championing the word of Liberty in the GOP debate.

Also, Ron Paul's campaign has exposed the media prostitutes for what they really are.

Got to go now. My mom wants a president that will keep her safe. She thinks that Mitt will protect her. I've got work to do.

You made one comment that we should all share everywhere

How can you be pro war and right to life at the same time. Thank you I am going to incorporate that into my signs.

Unfortunately, the GOP does

Unfortunately, the GOP does NOT have a recent history demonstrating an adherence to their own rules... When the rubber meets the road, expect ANYTHING. I expect near anarchy in Tampa.

I agree. I remember hearing

I agree. I remember hearing from an AK delegate when I was in MN for the Rally For The Republic that at the GOP convention there was a group of them that gathered for a picture and some suits showed up and took away all of the RP supporters signs and gave them a hard time. Expect them to do everything possible to prevent RP from being the nominee.

That was my sister and brother in law

They were taking a group picture outside holding a flag
and their flag was taken away.

I love Ron Paul to death, but it's the cause, not the man.

I know Super Tuesday was somewhat deflating, as was Iowa and Maine, but did you really think the establishment, the puppet masters and the brainwashed sheeple were ever going to allow Ron Paul to win anything? We can only hope the message continues to grow over the summer. But, what if Ron doesn't win the nomination? What if he's doesn't even make it to the national convention with his platform? I ask us all, including myself.....what are we prepared to do? Is the revolution over without Ron Paul? Who will pick up the cause? We must continue to educate and awaken the masses out of the matrix. Besides, it's not over yet. Paul is gaining massive delagates and hopefully will be a force if he can make it to the convention, if not miraculously win the nomination.

This is horrible to say, but it's kind of like Dr. Paul said. He....( we )....will win this argument in the end. When the whole system comes crashing down, only then will people realize what we were talking about. The fake two party paradigm, the fake news media, the crony capitalism, and the military industrial complex must end. We are a small force fighting an uphill battle against incredible forces, but their plan is starting to crack. Look at 2008 and compare it to now. The only problem is we wont have Ron Paul here to pick up the pieces and we wont have him in 2016. If we don't continue and dont find many future Ron Paul's then they win. Then this whole thing will just be a blip on the timeline and things will be back to how they want it.

Anyways, yes i'm pissed off about the idiot voters and the rigged system, but I took the red pill and have had "the awakening". I can NEVER go back!

Success is sweet

Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.

Gave up on Alaska before the results were in...

I went to bed last night because I couldn't stand watching these results anymore. I didn't expect Paul to win in Alaska, but really? third place?

Ok, and its not in Romney's "backyard", and I highly doubt their are any mormons there, so what gives? Does the entire state of Alaska sit around watching Fox News and CNN all day? Probably.

I am good and ready to go back to the apathy party. I'm not Libertarian, Democrat or Republican, I hate politics, and these Stupor Tuesday results only solidify my hatred for this country and most of the people in it. I only came out of the woodwork to vote Ron Paul. I don't watch TV, I barely read internet news, if you want to call someone "isolationist" that would be me. I've said it before that writing Ron in is pointless because many states don't count write ins, and the news won't report them. The statement will not be made, the MSM will ensure that. I'm not voting Libertarian again like I had to in '08 because I don't stand with any party just for party's sake. Its Paul or Noone at all... And its looking a whole lot like noone at all.

I take solace in one thing. All these "Anyone but Obama" MORONS are going to enjoy his face on their glow boxes for another 4 years, because Romtorum are UNELECTABLE.

I donated over $600 to Ron Paul between the last 2 money bombs, and I am tapped out financially. I don't have any savings to be liquidated by the financial collapse that is coming, I only have credit card debt and a mortgage, and half a job.

The establishment can only take from us all for so much longer before we have nothing they are interested in taking. The world banks is close to having their North American union, and a new fiat currency to replace the Federal Reserve Note which their contract expires on in 2013. Get ready for that NWO, in this "American Century" Romney keeps talking about.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Faced With Such a Scenario

can you still work toward Ron's goal of securing delegates? Many of you must faithfully answer this question because our opposition wants us to roll over and go away. Personally, I won't go away. I'll continue to snip at their heels until they bleed.

Well, I'm in NC, and our

Well, I'm in NC, and our primary isn't until May. I don't think his supporters will be able to afford to support his candidacy until then. Let's face it, after the media has their fun drilling these Super Tuesday results into people's brains with their mass lobotomy known as "fair and balanced" coverage, people won't know or care about Ron Paul, and his supporters will be effectively isolated.

Any coverage he's received up to this point was token coverage, to keep his supporters watching their networks, feeding their ratings, and keeping their advertising rates high, and their networks profitable, so they could be shown on super tuesday what the true power of the MSM looks like. Now they have the rest of the country tuned in after Ohio, and they don't need us fringe supporters anymore. That's why I keep telling people to stop reporting MSM crap on this website, and to throw away their TVs if they really want to send a message.

The axe came down last night. The status quo has this country by their brain strings. We believe that the rest of the world knows, and its only Americans who are so ignorant. Its not, every "Power", whether it be UK/Europe, Japan or otherwise has their own propaganda machine. Soon, for the sake of conserving their resources, the powers that be (the banksters), will consolidate all resources into one propaganda machine to end all propaganda machines. We've been scurrying like so many ants to try to build our lives. And these Motherfuckers are the kid with the god complex holding the magnifying glass herding us all into a position in which they can best have their fun.

Find your cabin in the woods people, that's my only recommendation.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

You and I are similar

I feel like you were describing me in many of your statements. I'm disappointed too. I'll keep plugging along and hoping for the best.
I can't believe waking up and seeing Paul took 3rd in Alaska and Idaho. When I went to sleep, he was in 2nd.
It's so disheartening!


And I am sure though I say to myself "I am going to stop watching this effing race because it doesn't effing matter" I will probably be on this site every day and watching the poll results... Its like watching the mushroom cloud as it billows and the blast wave approaches. You can't run from it, so why look away?

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

The revolution will not be televised

Keep up the good work. Remember, the mainstream media will never cover this revolution. They would rather brand libertarians 'terrorists' than admit that people want their freedom. Take heart. This is a movement that may last 40 years before the world starts to look like how we envision it. Look at Japan. They have been economically repressed for 20 years now. Just focus on the movement and teaching your children the principles of freedom.


Somehow I knew Romney would squeak by and win Ohio over Santorum. The elites and their croney's are manipulating the process to not allow one victory for RP. They are so concerned with the movement that I think they are completely content with Obama winning a 2nd term. I will continue to do all I can for RP during the election but the establishment will not let him be the nominee even if it means stealing it from him. What this election has shown is that Dems and Repubs serve the same masters and work together to put their guy in office. This country is headed for bankruptcy and when the dollar crashes, hopefully then people will wake up to the madness. Sorry for the somber post. I'm just sick of this nonsense.

Andrew Wilkow pointed this out on his show

one day. Talking about how ALL these politicians who pretend to be arch enemies on camera ALL get together at the same bars and the same parties and act like best friends behind the scenes. It is ALL a big farce. They are all fake phony frauds. I think he said it made him so sick to his stomach that him and his buddies went up the road 10 miles to some dive bar.

Quigley's Tragedy & Hope

Many of us already know that both political parties serve the same master. We, the people, need to find a way to KILL off the concept of political parties or at least marginalize their influence. Personally, I'd like to see a bold move by a 3rd party which is on the ballot in 50 states to nominate Ron as POTUS and delay any decision to accept or reject that nomination until shortly after the GOP's national convention in late August. The GOP needs to be thoroughly humiliated in 2012. The pressure on Ron to run as a 3rd party candidate will be enormous. Ron SHOULD run as a 3rd party candidate if this fraud by the GOP continues and apparently it will, but Ron should stay in the race for the GOP's nomination through the GOP's national convention. Although I'm more committed to Ron's campaign for delegates than ever, I'm now concentrating more on supporting constitutionally minded congressional candidates to 2012.

You are right.. get a kick

You are right.. get a kick out of the people who post the threats against the GOP.. the GOP and the Dems are both the same. The ruling world elite don't give a rats tail if its a repub or dem in office. they give you who to vote for and are happy with either.

I read 2 articles in DC today

That had positive mentions of sorts about Ron Paul. One was that the dragged out primary was bad in the minds of independent voters, but among independents Ron Paul led the pack at a 38% positive rating compared to Romney's 32%(?) I believe.

The other was that Ron Paul had a better than expected showing in VA and they were surprised Romney didn't win by more. They indicated there were protest votes for Paul or people just casted blank ballots. The other thing was that they even mentioned Dr. Paul got 43 of the 46 delegate spots in VA! Now, before you all freak out, I know they're bound to Romney, but remember, in the brokered convention those delegates will end up going to us!!

A Nation of Sheep

All of these voters are choosing Goldman Sachs, war with Iran, indefinite detention without trial, crushing debt, ge food with no labeling, free military hardware for every local police force. Is it really people pulling the levers, or is the vote crooked? More brushfires in the minds of men needed for upside-down-world..

I stood outside precinct 6-1

I stood outside precinct 6-1 (South Side High School) from just before 9 a.m. to about 5:20 pm. Couldn't stay longer. This is in Jackson, TN. We have computerized voting with no paper trails. That precinct should have at least 3 Ron Paul votes. Turnout was light it seemed. I probably saw about 40 people tops during the whole time I was there. So if anything comes up and says zero votes for Ron Paul at that precinct, something's wrong. An elderly couple stopped to tell me "add two more Ron Paul votes". They wanted somebody to know so they told me. Just wanted that to be posted because I've really not been happy about our voting machines at all.

Hacking Democracy

Watch and pass it on. This video says it all.


Don't give up!!

You have inspired millions of people beyond your borders! I can say on behalf of people I know from UK, France and The Netherlands: we love your message of liberty, we support Ron Paul! We want America as our friend and Americans as our friends! Please keep at it and don't give up! You're doing a great job!!!!!!!!!

When the rest of the world

When the rest of the world rises up in support, the media will no longer be able to ignore Ron Paul.

Discouraged, but one thought eases my mind...

We are not alone. Imagine how depressing it would be to know what you know about this country and have no one else to join together with to speak out about it. I am encouraged because we have each other. I am not alone, I have you. We have a movement. We have a voice... We need to take that voice to Tampa. After Tampa we need to decide what to do with our voice in November. The fight will never end. We are not alone...stick together, brothers and sisters in liberty!

No One But Paul!!

That's all I have to say!

Does anyone know

if Democrats are being pushed to vote for Santorum in open primaries? This idea may already be posted in this thread, haven't had a chance to view all of it yet.

I wouldn't be surprised if Democrats were quietly voting for Santorum because they know Obama would then win in a landslide. Thoughts?

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus