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HEADLINE NEWS - Feb. 2013 Asteroid Will Come Within 16,000 Miles of Earth

HEADLINE NEWS - Feb. 2013 Asteroid Will Come Within 16,000 Miles of Earth

Trajectory Unclear: Feb 2013 Asteroid Will Be Within Thousands of Miles of Earth; Impact Would Be As Big As Siberian Tunguska Event; 1000 Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima

According to NASA, there is a distinct possibility that an asteroid recently identified by star gazers in Spain could hit Earth around February 15, 2013. Based on its size and trajectory, it’s estimated that the 60 to 100 meter wide asteroid, dubbed 2012 DA14, could be similar in scope and devastation to Tunguska should it enter our atmosphere.

Scientists aren’t exactly sure where on Earth the impact would occur, but they are sounding proximity warnings now:



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No worries - will miss earth but redirected toward moon

Moon will split.
We will all either be morlocks or those other people they ate.

It ain't gonna hit the Earth


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You might want to link

Added your source to thread..

Thanks for the info..