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2 Wacky Ideas

I'm Alex Beltramo, the "Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul" guy. (If you haven't done that yet, you can do so at dungeoneers.com/ronpaul )

I've a couple out-of-the-box ideas for projects that could help Ron Paul supporters spread the word and the excitement about Dr. Paul. But I find it hard to judge my own ideas, so I'd like to hear what people think. Feel free to say why you don't like the ideas - that's why I'm asking.


Create a web site which has the videos, charts, and explanations that are most effective at educating people about Ron Paul. The site would have a test and the user would need to use the resources on the site to learn enough about Dr. Paul to pass the test.

Ron Paul supporters could tell their non-supporter family and friends that if they pass the Ron Paul test, they will treat them to dinner or do them some favor.

This would provide an easy way for people to encourage others to learn about Dr. Paul on their own, without the pressure of converting them.


RP supporters install a smart phone app that has Ron Paul chants (like a little karaoke machine). If someone wants to start a chant, like during half-time of a ball game, they pick the chant and approximate start time. Ron Paul supporters in that immediate area who have the app will receive a text saying that a chant is starting so they should launch the app. The chant creator could see how many supporters are ready to chant and then choose to start the chant at the opportune time. All the chanters would hear a beep and then they could watch a timer count down so they all start the chant at the same time.

In addition to chants, there could be Ron Paul speeches that everyone will just simultaneously play from the phone without saying anything. Imagine suddenly hearing Ron Paul's voice coming from 20 different phones in your vicinity. :)

This could be an effective way to let everyone know how popular Ron Paul really is, and would immediate start conversations about Dr. Paul in whatever venue the chant was initiated.

This app would need to be used responsibly. :)

What do you think?

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that's an AWESOME idea! Like a Digital Flash Mob for Liberty!

with our very own R3VOL-dar or Paul-dar to find when you bump into a R3VOL.

what will you guys think of next?

I swear we have the most inspired and talent supporters!

I always thought it'd be hilarious to have a room full of like 500 R3VOL and we all had one of Doc's best oneliners for ringtones, and all 500 of them went off in unison simultaneously, in front of CNN/MSDNC/FakeNews headquarters!

lol! now that, would be cool.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Liberty Charities

Local groups could set up food drives, donation centers. Organize with local churches or whatever. Where Ron Paul shirts, hats, engage in conversations about the fed, etc. get a self inking stamp that you customized from vistaprint or somewhere with a ron paul quote or a fact about the fed or a supreme court ruling about something and stamp it on napkins if you volunteer at a local charity kitchen. Tape flyers on the walls wherever the charity is being held with educational facts, things to get people questioning. At least it will counter the misconception that those of the more libertarian philosophy are uncaring.


you know those tests on facebook to see which jersey shore character your like? how about we make a test for your ideal candidate.


I love both ideas!! I don't know anything about web design or app design but I will definitely challenge everyone I know to the Ron Paul test and then show them the app once they're a Paulite so we can go CHANTING!!

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I like both ideas. The 2nd

I like both ideas. The 2nd one is more interesting and exciting. 1st is probably more practical. Maybe 60% of rp supporters have smart phones, maybe 15% of those supporters look for a rp I phone app. The only prob is you get down to a small number pretty quickly. I would focus on the test of those two. However, in the general, the app could be great.

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If we upvoted the app, and

If we upvoted the app, and told supporters to share I think it could make an impact.

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Right, if people like the

Right, if people like the idea, it would be easy to promote it here.

Also, if we could just get enough people using it to start chants, then other RPers would find out about it whenever they were in a group where a chant started.

Here's another one for ya...

If you can get a booth at a fair, cook-off, etc. in your town before the primary/caucus, set up a "which candidate do you match" game. Ask simple platform questions that most people agree with Ron Paul (wasteful spending, debt, limited engagements overseas, etc.). Lay out some specifics about each candidate as they answer.

1. Would you like to reduce federal spending?
(If "yes", point them to all 4 candidates' plans, or lack thereof, to cut the budget & WOW them with Dr. Paul's detailed prescription to cut $1Trillion.)

Just a thought if you have the time/resources.


Sounds good to me!

Whacky is good.

Whatever works.

IMO, Idea 1 needs some work. Non RP people won't bother, but the concept is good. It should be more annonymous where the person doesn't know it's RP they are finding out about until the end.

Idea 2 is whacky enough to work.

Keep the ideas coming. Whatever works.