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Knocked out of precinct caucus - now what do I do?

So i didn't become a delegate, nor did i get any alternate positions... immensely sad about this :'(

In WA the next caucus level is the legislative (for King county anyway).

Anybody know if I can attend my legislative district's caucus, as a by-stander? Same question goes to the state convention as well.

After going thru the precinct caucus and basically being knocked off, im not sure what i should be doing now.

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definitely pursue the next level

The correct advice has already been given in this thread. Talk to the state RP coordinator if you can't contact your county coordinator.

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King county has one more

King county has one more caucus than we do up here in Whatcom county. I know for a fact that I can be nominated at our county convention (we don't have a legislative caucus)to go to the state even though I am not a delegate at the precinct level. It does take some support for that to happen though. Are you involved with the local Ron Paul people?

Do you know if that applies to the rest of the state?


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Phone from home. Donate. go to caucus states and help?

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Stay involved

You can be nominated in your absence at the next convention. Keep going to their training and find a local coordinator. If they have all they need then phone from home or campaigning in CA would be smart. Short term drive to ID tomorrow and help with a caucus location.

become an elector

more important


and ask, don't give in until you're sure. King County has some questions because some PCO's were apparently "maybe" appointed past the cut off date. If there is an investigation, there may be some spots opening up. You should see if your caucus had a PCO, and check when they were appointed. If this happened in your neighborhood precinct you have a real chance to argue it. If a PCO is appointed after the cut off date (I think Dec 14th)..then they are not a automatic delegate. Good luck, there is still so much you can do.

Okay, I'm not sure, but...

Someone may be able to nominate you as a delegate at the legislative level.

In Texas, a delegate needs not be present in order to be nominated and selected as a delegate. For example, If a buddy of mine is at work and can't make it to the precinct convention, I can nominate him as a delegate, get a sufficient second, and have him voted on and selected as a delegate.

Every state is different. Each convention level is different. You might want to look into that.

Plus, not everyone shows up at the next levels (legislative, and etc.); hence the reasons for alternates. Maybe not enough delegates/alts show up, and you get nominated.

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Your local chairman and ask. If that doesn't give you satisfactory answers, call the state GOP office. They'll give you the info. Don't give up, I know in Wyoming you can (at this point) even attend the state convention and try to be a delegate there.