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personal ponderings: Liberty in my soul

Liberty in my soul

Christians, non-Christians and people of all faiths and religions can take fellowship with one another in the core belief in personal liberty. Liberty is not compatible with with hate, but consumes one with the principle of rational ideas, and the belief both ourselves and humanity can do better. Those who believe in liberty understand that those who would continue to redistribute or cause theft from one another will never see a society at peace with itself.

A society based on doing good to one another, and one of voluntary charity is never perfect, but does not create the continual class warfare that we see today which breaks fellowship with each other. Government simply acts as the thief and oppressor towards one group of people to the detriment of others. Assuming you deserve the labor of someone else is destructive, counter-productive and ensures that the methods of divide and conquer continues to erode the foundation of independence, self reliance, property rights and personal freedom that Americans have experienced; we’ve been more free than nearly any society since the beginning of time.

To love the ideals of liberty is to want good for others. The more you read about liberty, the more you wonder why you were never taught this in school as a child. Liberty is not selfish. It makes sense, it speaks to those whose minds have not been corrupted by the propaganda machine on television for force and power, and it helps one put their life into perspective where they have control over their future, instead of only having some element of control over others to somehow make you financially and physically safer.

The end goal of the liberty movement is one where humanity can co-exist and be at peace with itself. It is never going to be perfect for everyone, as the two types of people in this world will always be at odds, those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave other people alone.

Ron Paul represents what is right to me, what is just, what is rational, what is necessary, what is biblical with the golden rule, and what vision and leadership truly mean; to speak about what’s right in one’s heart without ambition to control others. Liberty does not seek power over others, it seeks to empower others, to empower ourselves so that there are absolutely no boundaries of what we ourselves can achieve, and humanity can achieve when at peace with itself. Does the bible not mention scrambling the languages of the people during the building of the tower of babel, because humanity was nearly capable of achieving anything and everything if they could work together as one? The belief in liberty is truly the only collective form of freedom; the collective nature that you are entitled only to what you earn with your labor, the idea that as a collective we do good to each other, and a brotherhood where we can work and laugh together regardless of our personal religious beliefs, because a respect for liberty creates a harmony of boundaries we do not want to violate between each other. Liberty simply applied to everyone would be the golden rule society, and would be a society of freedom, peace, prosperity and goodwill and charity towards each other.

Ron Paul is simply trying to help us take that first step, to preach the gospel of liberty, and to see it take root in our hearts and souls for the future of humanity depends on freedom and goodwill towards our fellow man.

As a Christian, Father, Husband and Lover of Liberty, my faith and liberty are 100% compatible. They are a unifying force in my life today, and give me hope for my children’s future. Ron Paul’s message was the catalyst for me. When liberty begins to take root in one’s soul, it rejects all forms of oppression, and helps one to always see things through this lens. Liberty is the light which exposes the darkness for what it is; and our society needs much cleansing and healing to overcome the challenges we have before us today. It is well with my soul, and liberty and Christ are guidinging forces within it.

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ytc's picture

Sambachico, what a BEAUTIFUL confession of faith!

We stand right by you on this defense of liberty against tyranny. . . as Christians, Parents, Wife & Husband and Lovers of Liberty, our priorities of life are also peacefully aligned now around Ron Paul's message.

Our hearts are inflamed with this mission of Life & Freedom for ALL. . . little snags and disappointments are embraced as gifts for lent and the invitation to shed excess false expectations for quick fix. It is only when the golden rule of love permeates throughout our entire existence of minds, souls and bodies that we will finally be capable of communicating with others around us without harsh arguments & threats, but with loving examples.

Even our goals of lives and themes of the liturgical seasons (lent before the Resurrection) are in perfect alignment! :-)