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Something is wrong

I can not vote up. I just shows the circle, but nothing happens. Does anyone know why this happening ?

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a fix was applied yesterday



Has everyone experiencing trouble cleared their cache to assure they're getting the updated files?

The fix was tested in all major browsers. If anyone's still experiencing problems after cache clearing, please comment here with browser, version, & OS. Thanks you.

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After clicking your vote, click "reload current page"...

to the right of the URL and that should help. That worked for me.

I had the same

I had the same yesterday...today seems fine though

I cannot vote up or down either

I cannot vote up or down either. It just circles round and round. Help?

refresh, it will count your

refresh, it will count your vote.

Thank you ...

Micheal. Did'nt know you were up this early.

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It does happen

every once in a while ;)

He's the man.
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We'll look into it

It looks like the votes are being recorded, even though the little blue wheel doesn't stop spinning.

If you vote, after a few seconds of spinning, refresh the page and see if the vote count hasn't increased.

Anyway, we just did an update on the site, so there were a few bugs that slipped through. Thanks for the heads up.

He's the man.

That happend

to me a couple of times.

It actually 'takes' the vote. Just refresh the page all together if you see that spinning circle.

You'll see it bump.

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Add it to the mod thread...

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I'm having the same issue w Firefox

I vote up and the circle of death appears.

Regarding the Legalize Liberty post, oops, I didn't even look at the poster's name and I commented on that post. I may have just dissed him without realizing it. Sorry Legalize, I'm sure you're a legit poster

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Ok I found something ..

I run google chrome, so I cleared the cache, it worked so now I can vote up now.

Here is the post I found


Made by legalizeliberty. I have seen some post of his before so I know he has been around for a while.

I also ...

saw lately that there are complaints about comments being removed or moved around. Now I know there are rules and such, but can someone ask Micheal about this ? Does anyone know what's going on ?