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Idaho Local TV: Crowd Goes Crazy For Ron Paul Revolution

IDAHO FALLS, ID -- The Civic Auditorium was standing-room-only for Ron Paul's rally Monday night, with nearly 1,900 people showing up to hear the Republican candidate's 50-minute speech.

From the minute people started showing up at 4 p.m. to the standing ovations that filled Paul's speech, the crowd was ready for a revolution.

And revolution is just what Paul is asking for.

Continue, with video at Local News 8

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My Response to the Romeny Supporter in the Comments:

Dear TK101: With all due respect for your eloquent defense of your candidate, America has a business plan already...it's called the Constitution and, if our leaders and representation had respected their oath to uphold it the American Republic would be intact and we would not be facing the problems we are today. The is the whole point of the Freedom movement, whos leader, for the time being, is Ron Paul. WE aren't going away, for an idea who's time has come can't be stopped by any government or any army. This is about so much more then a candidate and a campaign. It's about our very freedom and liberty, which we are not losing...we have lost, but most of America just hasn't really grasped the enormity of the problem or are in denial. I respect your freedom to choose, but do not agree with your conclusions or solutions as you seem to be unaware of the underlaying cause of our problems.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who has NEVER voted for an increase in taxes,or voted against the 2nd amendment (GOA has rated Ron Paul A+ ; Romney D-) or any legislation not specifically allowed by article 1, section 8 of the Constitution. He has upheld his oath, whereas virturally no other member of Congress or President can say the same. Like Jefferson admonished, stand like a rock on principle, Ron Paul embodies this, and stands his ground even when it is not politically expediant or popular to do so. This is incredibly admirable and courageous. Unfortuntely, Mitt Romney has changed his positions often, during his career, when ever it was politically expedient. I find this very unsettling and I cannot have confidence in a man without this capacity as I will be unable to TRUST what they will do. Ron Paul, is predictable and consistant in his views and I am able to say, for the first time in my life in reference to a politician, that I TRUST Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has always stood up for US,the people. Recently he vehemently spoke out against provisions in the NDAA that allows the executive office, for the first time since the Civil War, to target American citizens on American soil giving the president the unprecidented power to have the military arrest and hold a citizen indefinately without charges, no lawyer,no trial...basically gutting the 5th amendment, suspending habeus corpus and the rule of law that protects the innocent. We have effectively lost 800 years of legal protection with the stroke of a pen. This MUST be repealed as soon as possible, another four years would make it permanent. But, unfortuntaly, Mr. Romeny supports the NDAA, as do all the candidates and our President who signed it into law.The lone exception to stand up for the restoration of the Constitution and the Rule of Law in America is Ron Paul.

Furthermore, Ron Paul's economic plan has been proven to be the only candidate's plan to reduce the debt and the size and scope of government, not just nibbling away at future spending. He is not bought and paid for by the banking cartel and special interests (Romney' and Obama's top contributor is Goldman Sachs; Ron Paul's is the Military) The Bankers who have taken over our government want either Romney or Omama, becuase this will cause the least change to the corrupt establishment. It will be business as usual. It is not about Dems vs Republicans at all, both represent the big government they need to stay in power. Ron Paul would upset their applecart and this is why the staus quo is pulling out all stops to supress and misrepresent his message -- he won't play their game when all the others have to, as they are bought and paid for by the bankers and special interests. Ron Paul is not one of THEM he is one of US.

To me any truly informed, patriotic American has only one choice if they want to save the country...

Ron Paul, 2012.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Idaho FTW! the youth is great! the ones who cant vote...

get these out for free everywhere(voting places):

http://www.mediafire.com/?pthqrk9mrtfcxca,jncr8yjgdg037em <--with comparison how the candidates rank against obama.

Your enthusiasm and energy is fantastic! You are the future of america and the whole world!!!


Guys, that crowd is amazing!

Guys, that crowd is amazing! Our irate tireless minority is growing!

Btw, Dr. Paul is less than 5,000 likes away from 900,000 likes on his facebook page.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

Excellent! I swear, it is

Excellent! I swear, it is true, that if you watch the news normally, it does seem like Ron has dropped out. He is never on their "lists". It is really horrible, and I am so glad to see these reports, somewhere.

An honest local newscast

accurately reporting a Ron Paul event, absolutely indicts the major networks as primarily organizations of propaganda. Without the Blackout, RP would win in a landslide. Maybe he still will!


Absolutely electric seems like an understatement.

Going Nuclear is more like it.

good to see local news . . .


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

come on!

Idaho people. get out and vote! ;)

Good Report from the Local News

Good report from the local news. Something that MSM should be doing but won't because it is bought and controlled.