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NEW Ron Paul "Robot Chicken" Video

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Very good!

all you needed was the Grinch in costume going by with Newt face lol

More please~

RP R3VOLution


holy sheet, now that's funny.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry


Great Job!!!!!
Please do some showing Ron Paul issues. ;-)))
Social society being saved by stopping the wars!!!
Old folks need to understand!!! the other guys will inflate their SS check away!

Not "Robot Chicken"

This is not from "Robot Chicken" just done in the same style. Check out the channel for "MrDrawingguy": http://www.youtube.com/user/MrDrawingguy

Yeah...I was about to say

Yeah...I was about to say that.

Bugs in the machine's picture

Love Robot Chicken

But I'm disappointed that the writers (ie Seth Green) haven't shown public support for Ron Paul other than a snippet in a 15 minute show on late night comedy.

He's a smart guy, has lots of fans, and does great work. He and others like him could be rallying his fans to this cause.

But alas, influence from Hollywood is much more important than the fate of our country. Makes me sick.

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