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Update from Virginia!

I just got back from voting. James City County Precint 202 - Jamestown B.

Both my wife and I voted for Ron Paul. The ballot is very simple. It's a paper ballot where you fill in the circle beside the candidates name with a felt tip marker. The ballot is then inserted into the machine counter. At 11:20am I read the count on the machine and my wife was #69 and I was #70. I was surprised to see there had been 70 ballots cast so early in the day, if I had known the machine showed the # of ballots cast I would've went later on in the day to see the total number.

I snuck out last night at 11pm and inserted my home made sign into the ground on the grounds of the voting center. I didn't see any other signs there so I wasn't sure where I could put it, I placed it so the voters could see it as they were driving in. I was worried someone would take it down if I couldn't have it up but to my surprise it was still there as of 11:15am. The sign reads "I Support Our Troops... Our Troops support RON PAUL" and it shows a pie graph of military donations to RP compared to Romney.

I'm happy to announce that I didn't see ANY Romney signs, not a one. Ron Paul signs I saw maybe 5 or 6. Ron Paul sign was inches away from the sign stating its against the law to put signage beyond that point, and that sign was this one.... http://nyletterpress.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/voting-for-...

One other thing that made me happy was after voting, we took our recycles to the recycling center. The attendant there noticed my wife's "Just voted" sticker and made the comment, "I hope both of you voted for Ron Paul!" We assured him we did and I added the comment "I'm honestly surprised you even know who he is" and he told me that everyone knows! Happy to hear that!

I'm so ready for today to be over because Im hoping to be pleased with the #'s I see after tonight. Maybe not so much in Virginia but Alaska/Idaho/North Dakota.

PS: I wanted to take a picture of my ballot with Ron Paul marked but there were volunteers standing within 15 feet of the voting booth (no curtain behind you) so I didn't. But you can be sure that RP is getting support from Williamsburg, VA.

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I think a win in Virginia

I think a win in Virginia says that more people are willing to vote Paul over Romney. This is what needs to be pointed out to people.

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Newt-supporting colleague of mine voted for Paul

I was shocked, because this guy is pretty much a neocon as you can get.

He lives in Northern Virginia and is in the commercial real estate industry, so OF COURSE he is going to back on of the BIG government candidates like Newt who helped create the monster in DC in the first place.

But he cast a "protest vote" against Romney and voted for Paul...and texted me that he did!

Hey, we'll take all the votes we can get!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Fox just reported that Ron Paul may do well in VA --

of course he (Shephard Smith) said it will be because Gingrich's campaign has been doing robo calls, etc. trying to spread the word to vote for Paul in order to limit Romney's take in the state. I hate MSM - I really should cancel my cable! Regardless, I hope Virginians do choose RP over Romney and for the right reasons!

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I'll take it. Any vote helps, whether it's FOR Paul or AGAINST Romney.

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Ron Paul should tell the media and the GOP to f$@k themselves and we will meet again at the betting board. No more interview’s, they just cramp his style, and dump the GOP, the Punks are not fit to shine his shoes. Why Ron do you keep compromising to be part of this pathetic bunch. So the Republican party use to stand for what you do…But they no longer do and why try to change back something that has already changed for the worse. Why would you even want to be in that bunch no matter what their party is called. They are pathetic and they do not support you. My dad always use to tell me that birds of a feather fly together, and that if it sounds, smells appears to be shit it might as well be shit. The time has come to get away from that shit. And get a court order banning the GOP from the vote counting process. We got your back and we are ready and for one last interview ask them this. “On honorablity and credibilty…do you have any?

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

One more thing

If Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, or Neut Gingrich were men of integrity at all they would step down and make room for the man. I mean, its hard to imagine the level of arrogence these clowns contain when they are willing to run against Ron Paul, (the champion of the constitution) for President, and have the pathetic voting records and backgrounds they have.
The two party system is one that has replaced many would be wars in that it has given the powers that be two sides to feed, thus keeping us devided and maintaining control of the outcome. It seems like we are sick of a party after so long and so we go back to the other and it just keeps getting worse. People need to remember the principle of war. DEVIDE AND CONQUER. That all this crap is. I really think you should dump the GOP Ron. You will not lose any of us, we will gain the rest. If you read these and I hope you read this one. If you wash your hands of the GOP, Now that would be something. We cannot lose.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

Delegates are delegates!

No complaints from a fellow VA resident if Gingrich is giving us free votes. Principle is better, but pragmatism is acceptable if the result is in line with a principled outcome.


My polling station is operating from 6AM-7PM.

I ended up going just before work, around 7am. Not a single soul was there. I actually thought I had read the hours incorrectly. But once I entered the station (the local library), I was greeted by four older volunteers who were very pleasant.

I presented my driver's license (and voter registration card, for good measure), and after a simple address confirmation, I was taken to the touch screen machine.

It couldn't have been more simple. Touch Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, confirm, hit the big red VOTE button, and the machine chimes in.

All in all, I was in and out in about two minutes time. I wonder how turnout will be...

I've been hearing a lot of "hold your nose and vote Paul" around my work (defense industry) today, trying to fight off a Romney win. I don't like that type of mentality, but I won't bother getting into a heated debate, so long as Dr. Paul is getting a vote.

Thank you

This is just inspiring!


why didn't you still take the picture? I mean it's all good. Just curious why volunteers would make you feel like you were doing something wrong.


Phones and electronic devices must be off in va polling locations.

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violent revolution inevitable."
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I didn't know that. well that makes sense then, lol. damn shame though. kinda invites fraud

So glad to hear! Thank you~

So glad to hear! Thank you~

Good stuff

I went to William and Mary, and grew up in Yorktown, so I remember the area fondly.

I also remember the "scantron" ballots, and was shocked the first time I voted out here in the southwestern part of the state where they use touchscreens with NO PAPER TRAIL. I worked as an election official up here just to get some insight into the process, and it is ridiculous. The voting machines spit out a long cash register-type receipt (or "tape") when we counted the votes...and all it had was the pre-totaled numbers, i.e.:

State Senator:
Candidate A: 121
Candidate B: 84

Very disconcerting that there are no paper ballots to manually recount, in the event of a problem. I'm glad they're still using the paper ballots in the eastern part of the state though.

Good for you

I guess we have learned that those signs at the polling place works. People may not know about the candidates but the sign certainly gives them a name to look at when voting.

lol glad to see no other signs were there either.