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Ron Paul heads for Super Tuesday delegate haul in fertile Idaho

There is rarely much doubt about the fervour of Ron Paul's supporters. But even so, Kate Dalebout, 23, counts as one of the most enthusiastic.

Cradling her 14-month old baby and waiting for her hero to speak at a rally in her hometown of Moscow, Idaho, she explained that her husband worked as a teacher for a local school.

But, despite the fact her young family relied almost solely on a government wage, Dalebout said she and her spouse were vehement Ron Paul supporters even though the budget-slashing Texan congressman wanted to scrap the department of education.

"There would be less money spent on education. We are OK with that," Dalebout said. "It would be better for the country as a whole. We are not focused on ourselves."

Yet, despite such hardcore support, the Paul campaign remains without a win in the 2012 Republican race. It is hoping to change that in today's Super Tuesday polls by making a serious bid for Idaho, a vast but sparsely populated slice of the American west.

It could prove to be fertile ground. In 2008, Paul won 24% of the vote in Idaho, in what was then a primary contest. It was Paul's strongest showing by far. Since then, his campaign has only grown stronger and now Idaho is holding a caucus vote, which should favour his committed, hardworking support base.

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