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Just Voted Ron Paul in Ohio

My girlfriend and I just voted for Ron Paul in Ohio. There were Liberty PAC people out front handing out voter sheets. No one was there for any other presidential candidate. It was my girlfriend's first time voting, even though she's in her mid-twenties. We are winning hearts and minds out there.

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Nelson Ohio precincts A & B in NE Ohio

After trucking around until late last night plastering poll signs across the northern portion of Portage county in the Ohio CD-14 area, I got up early and planted yard signs around the circle in Nelson township and one for good measure at the entry drive to the polling location here. Then I went in and cast my vote for the champion of the constitution. Went home and got back on line to relay information for several people to various groups in NE Ohio about the crossing over to vote process for democrats and the like. Went back out on sign patrol at noon and crossed paths with the wife who was just pulling out of the polling location....YES! Another vote for Dr. Paul. So I followed her home and then had her follow me back to the circle to park my pickup with the 4' x 8' RON PAUL 2012 billboard sign mounted in the back of it right on the circle in full view from all directions. It's a beautiful thing.
I went back out on sign patrol at about 2:00 PM to find that the five signs I planted had been confiscated. But by whom?
My blood was boiling...just a little. So I drove back home and walked back to the circle which is about a little less than 3/4 mile up the road. By now I am figuring the township road crew probably took my signs, because the lone Sanitarium sign was gone as well. I had cooled down a little over the laps of time. But I figured what the heck, I will go park the truck at the entrance to the polling location and hand out super brochures to anyone that was willing take one. Turned out to be a great idea. When I pulled in the drive I could clearly see my five Ron Paul yard signs in the back of the township dump truck parked way back by the township garage building. Needless to say I was ten different kinds of pissed of by now, and drove straight back and retrieved my precious signs out of the back of that truck. Rooster tailed a little gravel, and head back out to the road to finish what I came for. I did manage to hand some super brochures out, though I got turned down by a few that wanted nothing to do with it. Did talk to several blue republicans that voted for Ron Paul. Also managed to talk to some friends on their way in and convinced them to vote for Ron Paul. I stayed for about 3 hours, and got a lot of thumbs up and OK signs from people pointing at my big sign as they drove in as well. I think me just being out there with the big sign on the truck, and a friendly wave and smile may have pulled a few votes also. Good day so far. Now it's just waiting for the tally. I gave it all I had folks. It's up to the ethers.


me and my gf voted in

me and my gf voted in cuyahoga county (Cleveland area).

I actually got into a fight with an elections official who said I couldn't wear my Ron Paul hoodie, I told him that this country is dying, and I could care less about his rule!!!


Ok follow me here........
I Wore my rp t shirt over a hooded sweater over a thick thermal liner which was over a long sleeved oathkeepers shirt.
I entered polling place with rp t shirt rolled up,as to hide the ron paul 2012 logo on the t shirt without having to removing the t shirt,it was so cold in Ohio this morning I did not want to risk freezing to death by removing my ron paul t shirt which was over my hooded sweater which was over my heavy thermal which was over my oathkeeper long sleeved shirt.
I checked in,got my ballot and walked to the enclosed polling kiosk,rp t shirt rolled us as to avoid any conflict of interest.
Somehow while exiting the kiosk my rp t shirt mysteriously came unravelled as I walked across the hall in front of all the poll workers, punched in my ballot,returned envelope and walked right passed the workers again and out the door with a big you know what eatin grin on my face.


We were videoed by channel 12 news erie doing our signwave in Jefferson Ohio in front of a location with 5 precincts voting.(next county east of us is erie county pa.)
We should be on the 5 or 6pm newscast.
We were also interviewed by a prominent reporter in our county paper and I found out he called one of our cd-14 delegates for an interview also.
We were at a the major downtown intersection in the county seat from 9 am till 1pm.
We got a big thumbs up from our state Rep.Casey Kozlowski who by hapinstance was driving by. Also, our locally beloved Republican tea party candidate for Ohio sec. of state in 2010 Sandy O'brien stopped by for a few minutes jubilant to see us out there.
Lots of thumbs up and horns,only one major distracter.Amazing what 2 highly motivated Ron Paul patriots can accomplish in N.E. Ohio in just a few hours!
Btw thanks to everyone in the bula meetup group for all your efforts these passed few weekends,all of the counties 3 major cities have been door2doored with thousands of brocures,This signwave was last minute and we closed out election day Ron Paul style!

one more convert

voted number 7 this morning precinct 2 gotl (short for geneva on the lake) Ohio.
As I pulled out of polling location at 6:45 Someone flagged me down noticing all my Ron Paul magnets on my Avalanche.
He mentioned when he went to one of the ron paul websites a bunch of Santorum ads popped up.
After doing my best to explain that money can buy everything in an election,even on another candidates site I asked him if he heard of judge Napolitano.
He was a fan and I mentioned the Judge is one of Pauls top picks for scotus.
I could tell he was voting for Paul after our conversation,I handed him 5 superbrocures and a yardsign for a memento since it was already election day.

Me 3 and wifey 4!!!

exit polled

just voted here in cuyahoga county. I was happy to get exit polled. What I found interesting was that at the top of the sheet it had the logos for all the major networks. I asked the lady who they give them to and she said all the networks use them, but I always thought each network did their own exit polling. After a few generic questions like who did you vote for, age, married or single, the questions then became geared towards being a Santorum supporter. "Do you consider yourself to be a born again or evangelical christian?" Then a question specifically about abortion. Being a Ron Paul supporter, the question I had to think about for a few seconds was: "Why did you vote for your candidate?" Answer choices were: Has the right experience, is morally principled, is a true conservative. I picked "is a true conservative." It makes me sick to think that most of the "morally principled" voters went for Santorum. Never knew wishing innocent Iranian scientists were killed by our own CIA makes one morally principled.

Hamilton County voter here ...

Extremely light turn-out.

Here in Hamilton County that is bad news for Santorum and good news for Ron Paul.

Voted in Greene County

When I went to vote today, saw 2 other cars with Ron Paul bumper stickers. Saw none for other candidates. Keep your fingers crossed!

I have family in Xenia that

I have family in Xenia that all went with Ron Paul

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."- JFK

Voted Early This Morning

Planted a unch of Ron Paul signs outside the polling location as well.


Erie County OH

My girlfriend and I just voted. Very light turnout. I was #144 out of a precinct of 1200 households. Also placed five(5)
Ron Paul signs at the entrance to the polling station.

Print this out and give to people outside the voting building

Promotional flyer comparing the candidates on the issues, Page 1 & 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?pthqrk9mrtfcxca,jncr8yjgdg037em

From the DailyPaul post: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

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Would love to

But stuck at work till polls close.

ahh, i hear ya

that happens. well don't forget about them. Perhaps spread the word to those who don't know they're out there. ;)

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My wife and I just voted for RP in the Buckeye. What part of the state are you in?

Voted in Ohio today


Forgot to mention my part of the state. A little town named Pleasant Plain, Ohio in Warren County. About 35 miles NE of Cincinnati. At 3:30 p.m. I was # 120 in my precinct, a very small precinct.

I'm in Clermont County near

I'm in Clermont County near Cincinnati. I was the 61st vote at 11:00 or so. Turnout was steady, but light.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."- JFK

I voted in New Richmond

there was only one person there promoting a presidential candidate and it was Ron Paul.

Very Nice!

Thank You! :)


It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Good to Hear

Todays important and we need every soul we can muster to vote for RP..Tell the people who don't care about politics that you'll take em out to eat, etc