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YAHOO : Ron Paul Brings Hope To Our Government

YAHOO : Ron Paul Brings Hope To Our Government

COMMENTARY | Every time I have heard someone complain about the government, I have just shouted " Ron Paul." People think I am the stereotypical 25-year-old who fits into his targeted geographic, but I truly believe in him beyond the group think. I am a military wife and small-business owner living in Kansas, but my registered voting state is Ohio. My absentee ballot was signed, sealed and delivered days ago.

As a military wife, my husband was one of the last soldiers in Operation New Dawn and it was my first deployment to hold down the home front. During the year, while faced with the government shutdown threat, I started following politics. A government shutdown meant no income for our family indefinitely. After the threat, I realized almost every piece of legislation affects my life as a military spouse.

I admire the spirit Paul has brought to the Republican campaign, making me a believer. Not all politicians are greedy or corrupt. The military background Paul has shows he will support our troops through his legislation. His wife, Carol, also has the experience to relate on a personal level with military spouses regarding deployments and employment hardships.


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Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

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