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IMPORTANT! Worthwhile method to look into on how to SECURE VOTES for Ron Paul with absentee voting

First off, not every county has the same rules, but to help make sure people DON'T FORGET to vote on voting day or for whatever reason want to make sure their's is counted in case something unforeseen comes up that day, look into absentee voting!

Check out http://www.evoter.com/

You may be able to print out the forms needed to vote by mail, or go in early to vote. Some counties even let you check the status (make sure it was received) of your vote online.

There are different rules for different states and counties and I can't promise anything, but I found out recently that anyone in my county can vote absentee for any reason. After hearing about so many people being either turned away or not arriving on time or just forgetting to go in, I think this is something to check out.

It may not be for you or something you don't trust in your county, but it may just the thing for someone else.

Hope this helps someone.

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For Ron Paul supporters in California


That's a slow-loading page from the Secretary of State.

It explains how to conduct an absentee voter drive.

It's very labor intensive, usually it's done with paid efforts or with a ton of volunteers, or both.

In California, counties are required by state law to record all ballots received; that data can be accessed thru an online system and toll-free numbers.

Thank you for posting that

Thank you for posting that

look at what successful opponents are doing and ask why we don't

That's a very basic, start point for information.

If anyone really got into doing this I'd be glad to help in whatever way I could. I do this stuff professionally; well run campaigns do it.

Sure, absentee ballot drives are a part of any well-funded effort, and it's a sign of lameness that it pops up now and again on this site as a "new thing" or "recent discovery".

Actually, it's one way Ron Paul supporters continue to get their butts kicked...or feel they get their butts kicked (I think we are doing very well, all things considered).

Not knowing how elections are run, how campaigns operate means you WILL lose, every time.

Knowing something about Voter ID and GOTV (which incorporate absentee efforts) is basic knowledge for any campaign toolkit.


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I posted this last month about the Absentee Ballot strategy. It's something we can also record. Which we can't do in the voting booth. It would be awesome if no Ron Paulers went to the polls and everything was done by absentee ballot. Each vote recorded and posted to one central source.



I'm sure there's problems with this strategy like anything we would do when the status quo still holds so much power, but it might be the right thing to do for someone else. I mean if your county only requires you to mail in the ballot, you could go from house to house of people you know and sit with them as they fill out the ballot and mail it for them. Of course it depends on the specific rules in that county, but actually getting votes IN HAND would really be something.

A Back-up plan -

NEVER hurts anyone. It only helps & provides peace of mind. (usually)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica


This is a written ballot, is it not?

Which translates into a lesser chance of voting "machine error"????

Let me know if I should edit/delete this post.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

sure, it's on paper

It's a card, punched. Machines count the cards.

In Oregon there only is vote by mail.

In California, a voter may request permanent vote by mail status---they still are allowed to vote turn-in the ballot at the polling places, but they receive a ballot in the mail and that ballot must be received by election day to be counted.

Where vote by mail is made least cumbersome it's a very popular option, I've voted that way for years.

There is an additional piece of paper record involved, it's the outside envelope which holds the ballot received by the registrar. The voter signs and dates that (as they sign at the polling place if they vote in person).

Depending on state laws, absentee voting can be a very effective campaign strategy. If your state allows it, campaign workers can hand absentee voter request forms to voters and also may file those requests. That gives a campaign the ability to target voters and follow-up on who votes.


I don't think it's uniform across the board. I would check out your county rules to find out, which of course you can do through the website in this post


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