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EDIT: Was just interviewed as a pundit on local NPR station about Dr. Paul & Mr. Romney for the VA primary.

They wanted to get someone fairly known in the community to share perspective on their various points of view.

In the end, they gave me 20 minutes to share about Dr. Paul and 5 minutes to talk about Mitt Romney. They said it was because they felt RP didn't get nearly as much attention and wanted local voters to hear his positions fleshed out a bit more without all the clamor that usually surrounds them.

They were very friendly and open, frequently thanking me for removing much of the crust and getting right to the point of things without dancing around an issue.

EDIT: when I track down the audio, keep in mind they asked me to be neutral, but I think I did a good job of supporting his positions without supporting his positions...does that make sense?

EDIT: Sad story...they didn't record the show.

I guess you'll just all have to take my word for it that it was awesome :)

Main highlights:

They asked my perspective on his stances of Israel, marijuana, gay marriage, and war (among other things). Each time I worked to challenge the terrible idea of "issue" based politics and stated that RP's stance as far as I could tell was not about any of those issues per say, but of how the constitution tells us to deal with them when they arise, and whether the overarching question was whether the federal or state governments should have authority.

I spent considerable time talking about how the younger generation rolls its eyes when issue based politics runs the show because they don't believe that's the correct narrative.

Along with that I believed he was often unfairly labeled before people actually gave his perspective a true hearing. That the younger generation is ready for a leader who doesn't simply do things the way they've always been done, but is interested in and open to new ideas.

I shared that perhaps in the past it was easier for the USA to wield military might to get other nations to back down because for a little while we had the biggest stick, but now everything has changed. The world has reached a level of parity so bullying just doesn't work anymore, and Ron Paul believes we should find better ways to talk and interact vs. intimidate.

So there we are...

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i'm confused....

which NPR station interviewed you on air for 20 minutes about Ron Paul? (or was it not aired?)

it did air, it was a live 30

it did air, it was a live 30 min program, it just wasn't recorded.

It was the NPR affiliate in southwest VA

Matt, when you find the

Matt, when you find the write-up article(if there is one), please include it as we'd like to read it. Thanks for taking the time to do that!


I'll take your word for it. Drat. I bet you were great.

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Can't wait!


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Can't wait to hear the audio!

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20 Minutes!

That's an eternity! Can't wait to hear it.

Awesome .

If you find the video post it, we love to see it. Hopefully they didn't butcher it up.

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it was actually a radio

it was actually a radio interview...I'll find the link

Can't wait to hear it

Make sure to post it. I would have been nervous..