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A Lighthearted Break from Super Tuesday

Just thought I'd share with you all this lighthearted story from Illinois in the middle of all this Super Tuesday madness:

My girlfriend has never been very politically active; she just voted for who her dad told her to vote for. Her dad is a devout Limbaugh listener and had been telling her to vote for Romney. Now, I was never pushy or disrespectful to her to get her to vote for Paul, but every chance that she seemed interested I just explained his views. Also, she saw me participate in and dominate a mock presidential debate where I represented RP. I honestly didn't think much of it though and assumed she'd just listen to her father and vote Romney. Well, she voted early in Illinois today, and to my surprise, after a lot of consideration and debating with herself on who was actually the best candidate, she voted for Paul! The r3VOLution continues. . .one by one!

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