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Win ND! Call Now Please! Need Grassroots Volunteers!

Via Ron Paul Forums: Well guys we have many callers ID'd as Ron Paul supporters yet we only have 7 people calling...

Please help us out and turn out the vote in North Dakota, today is Super Tuesday... Help Ron Paul win!

Sign up at: www.rp2012.org

And then PM me your name, phone, email and I'll have someone contact you quickly, otherwise you might have to wait for a long time...

PLEASE.. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Call now! Pm him through this post http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?365381-WIN-ND-CA...!!

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I'm one of the 7 callers, JOIN US!

Quite often, people really just don't know what's going on and providing the simple details of where to go and what time can make all the difference.

It's fun and these are people who have already indicated they support Dr. Paul.

I'm going to jump back on calls, but follow the directions above and join us if you can. This program likely made the difference between 2nd and 3rd place in Washington state...

See you there!

At the Very Least

Get the ID'd supporters in ND to call their neighbors.

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