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Pushed Out of Voting Precinct for wearing a Ron Paul Shirt

How ridiculous has our country become when in what is supposed to be the most free country in the world you can't wear what you want to vote. He told me I would have to take my shirt off or turn it inside-out. I was simply wearing a shirt with RP's face and the word HONEST under it. He told me he would have to do the same even if I were wearing a George Washington shirt. I told him GW would be turning over in his grave.

I can't say I'm surprised but just think when police and military start carrying out ridiculous orders and saying it's just the law. What happen to people thinking and standing up for common sense?

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Romney stickers and buttons all over people at my polling

location. Also, McCain buttons in 2008!!

With that being said you probably do not want to show them your hand at these locations, especially if we want to do as Dr. Paul says and become a part of the central committees and a part of the GOP. This is the only way to fix it. Become a delegate and go to state and national.

I wore a Ron Paul shirt to

I wore a Ron Paul shirt to vote in VA.. Put a Ron Paul sign on my windshield while voting.. After voting I waved my Ron Paul sign outside the precinct (but not on the property)..

I wore a Ron Paul shirt to

I wore a Ron Paul shirt to vote in VA.. Put a Ron Paul sign on my windshield while voting.. After voting I waved my Ron Paul sign outside the precinct (but not on the property)..

It was 100' from a polling booth in CA

You can not campaign at the polls.

It starts fights and we're there to vote not so happen to piss someone off...

Well done anyway josh macer!

Were you able to change your shurt, and vote anyway?

The Winds of Change!

Why show up and say,, "I'm for RP--don't vote me delegate!"


Is this all just a sports/video game to you people?

You think RP would rather have you show up with his face on a T Shirt or to actually become a delegate?

He's not Che Guevara.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Cool your jets. That's not

Cool your jets. That's not how it works in Tennessee.

More trouble than the law is worth

May have some merit, but ends up being abused. Here in the Vampire State, had a huge argument over a shirt which had Hayek and "Collectivism is Slavery" on it. None of those were on the ballot so what was the problem?

I wore my RP hoodie in to vote

And then stood outside the rest of the day with super brochures and signs. Nobody told me to leave or change my shirt. As a matter of fact they welcomed me to come inside to get warm or use the restrooms. Very friendly people.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

This is well known

you can't have campaign material in a certain distance. learn the rules, go vote!


You can NOT campaign with in

You can NOT campaign with in a certain distance from any precinct. I think sometimes we take for granted everyone knows that, but a young voter may not. I hope you turned your shirt inside out and then voted for Ron Paul!!!

The election worker was exagerating

with the George Washington comment.

Not sure why this has so many

Not sure why this has so many thumbs up nor why it's on the front page.

You can NEVER, EVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, EVER -- campaign (which includes wearing clothes) in a polling location -- EVER!

This has been the case for decades.

They certainly had Romney stickers all over themselves

at my location, not only that last time, lots of people had on McCain buttons!! Even the chair works for the Romney campaign! She works out of the office and you can call and talk to her all about why you support Romney, but NEVER say you support Ron Paul.

In most states, you can not

In most states, you can not wear political messages into the polling place. It's called electioneering. Nothing new. Entirely appropriate.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Although I agree it's ridiculous...

You have to work within the constraints of the law as it stands now. Wearing that shirt is considered electioneering. Not saying it's right, just saying it's the law. IMO, a shirt is fine but signs or anything verbal is not. It's a slippery slope, though.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

What if you have a RP Tattoo on your Face?

What then?

Are you then asked to take off your face, or turn your face inside-out?

The absurdity of some laws.

But if we are going to fight this to have the laws changed to be representative of what a FREE nation is, then we need to use these types of examples.

*Tattoo Face that can't be taken off, and is too large/cumbersome to cover up.

*Seeing eye dog that is shaved with a Political statement.

*Teeth (real or fake "grill") with RP.

These are the types of questions/scenarios that a US Supreme Court Judge would use. And any competent Constitutional Lawyer would do the same.

These laws ARE unconstitutional. And we need to fight to change them.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Hope you got to vote first!

I just hope you got to vote for Ron Paul first before getting pushed out. And if not, hope you changed your shirt and voted for Ron Paul afterwards! =)


sorry to hear so many negative comments and glad to hear some people "get it". I have been an election judge for 20 years and that has been the rule the entire time. And as the judge I have and will continue to have people remove whatever political garb they are wearing. Just remember, it could be an RP supporter who IS the judge and she/he is just doing their job! They are the absolute low man on the totem pole and are just doing their job. Please do not take your frustration out on them/me. The job is hard enough as it is. I have even had my life threatened. Be considerate, please.

Linda Cross's picture

I wore my Ron Paul gear to vote,

and parked my bike with a big Ron Paul sticker on it by the front door asking security to watch it for me :) but, I'm in Florida. I looked up the rules first, so that I would know the chapter and verse to quote in case anyone gave me a hassle.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Free expression isn't the point

It's meant to protect the nonpartisan nature of the polling place. Same as rules keeping campaign workers and signs x feet away from the door. Otherwise what keeps the polling workers from all wearing Obama 2012 shirts.


They could sit there naked for all I care. The Constitution and the 1st Amendment are always the point. I agree we have to play within the rules to get things done but there is way too much defending of this misapplied law for my taste.

To answer your question, if they are volunteers they should be able to paint Obama on their chests. Don't like it? Go volunteer and paint RP on yours. Paid by the state and working in a public capacity is a different story. Wearing a shirt that doesn't mention voting, or the election is not intimidation or campaigning. Do you really think it is?

What "it's meant to protect" means nothing unless the outcome accomplishes that goal and the scope is limited to that goal. After all, welfare is "meant" to be a safety net and the Federal Reserve is "meant" to keep prices stable.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Depends on the state. In

Depends on the state. In Virginia, it was ruled in 2009 that wearing hats, shirts, stickers, etc was ok inside a polling place as long as you are there to vote. Actual campaign material like signs and leaflets need to be at least 40 feet from the entrance.
I was hoping to have seen more people at my location, but I was there talking to the volunteers for about 5-10min and during that time not a single other person showed up. I did have a Ron Paul sticker on my back, but the volunteers either didnt notice or didnt care.
It looks like Virginia turn out may be lucky if it tops 5%.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

It suppose to keep ppl from influencing others

So usually any thing (shirt, hat, button, etc.) that can be used to influence voters is a no no in the polling place. That's why signs and ppl holding signs have to be a certain amount of feet from the door.

I'm not defending this; I am clarifying, cuz my real point is:

What if I am wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt? A lot of ppl vote "Mickey Mouse" via write-in.

So, if I am wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, is that banned? What about a Richard Pryor shirt that reads "None of the Above.," is that banned?

We need to FIGHT this BS nonsense! The US is Suppose to free. Free to vote, Free to "influence", Free to reject someone's "influence", and Free to wear whatever the Hell we want to Wear, where ever and Whenever we Want to!

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

This is NOT News

You can't "intimidate" or "pressure" people at polling locations. In the past this was done to keep people from voting.

These laws are common sense. In CA it's 100 yards around the polling place entrance that you can't wear, hand-out, or show signs.

We've had this discussion before.

Caucuses: probably these are different since the whole idea is to persuade people.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Probably depends...

on the state and whether is is a state-run primary or a GOP-run caucus.

In WA, they let us set up a Ron Paul "booth" (a card table with signage for RP supporter to check-in with us for last minute instructions) right in the middle of the caucus room. We were all wearing RP gear, and we gave every supporter a lapel sticker, and some campaign buttons to a lucky few. We were very polite, asked where we could/couldn't be. The GOP chairing the pooled caucus was not a supporter but was very open to us being there, and let us set up right at the end of the tables where they were checking in. We could see every page of the straw poll as well, which was great!





It is also best to appear

It is also best to appear non-partisan when trying to be a delegate!

can you wear Ron Paul tshirts to caucus?

you can definitely hand out superbrochures there, right?

a caucus is different

Rules for a caucus are determined by the state party.

If you want to know, get a copy, or simply ask your instate Ron Paul contacts.

It might be allowed; in a government run election it will be banned, as electioneering.