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PLease Help Support RBN who supports us all - Pledge Drive today

Hello to all you good folks across the world today.

This is off the subject at hand. We must support alternative news networks that tell us the real truth. Today, Republic Broadcasting is doing a pledge drive and they really need your support.

RBN has traditionally been a strong supporter of Ron Paul. The talk show hosts are always talking up Ron Paul in supportive ways, Dr. K being one of our own there who does so much for so many good folks like yourselves.

Please everyone, do what you can to support and listen to Republic Broadcasting Network. At this time now, Bob Chapman is on and will be for the next three hours. Listen in to what is being said in the background here as we work up to tonight's results. Donate to the pledge drive if you can. This is about the best network for truth without all the banter and fearism.


Listen now:


Go Ron Paulians and may the force of goodness be with you all.


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