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Got 6 votes for RP in Northern VA... and I don't even live there. :)

So I have family and friends in Northern VA... and I've been drowning them in my love of liberty and Ron Paul. So although I can't vote in VA... I am now DIRECTLY responsible for 6 RP votes in that district! Hell, I even drove with my buddy to the "in person absentee" voting area a half hour away (after I drove 250 miles down there) since he would be out of the state today, and then took him out to "Freedom Lunch". :-D

Regardless of the outcome, I already feel awesome that I was able to get 6 votes for RP in a state where I don't even live.


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To close to call

VA to close to call? come on Ron Paul!!!

AAAAHHH!!!! Way too excited right now!!! :-D


+1 in VA....?

I just voted for Paul near Frederiksburg,VA. I think I talked my wife into voting for him too. I will ask when she gets in. If she didn't maybe I should kick her out?! I also clarified things with my parents concerning RP the issues, media black out and the establishment. I may have convinced them.

That a boy

GREAT JOB!!!! We will all be hero's one day b/c many have showed what freedom and liberty is all about.

Damn straight!


"Let it not be said that we did nothing."





Is that all:

J/K Great job.
Last night and this morning, I made calls reminding everyone I know in VA. to push as hard as they can to get everyone they know to vote for the DR. today.
While I don't live in VA. I am on the other side of the river and I know I have gotten a lot of people over to our side. Twenty I believe. I hope they all put in at least the same efforts I have.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government


I had a few more but for one reason or another they didn't make it to the polls. UGH... (see my note on inertia/etc below).

And btw, kick ass job on your part! :)

Good work!


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

That how you do it

Now if every Ron Paul supporter can get at least 6 people to vote with them, we should kill it right?

Heck yeah!

It's so much easier in an open primary to get it done... up in PA I have to convince dems, independents, etc to register as a republican first. That's the hardest damn part. I just tell them how I feel dirty being registered as a republican too... but the ability to VOTE FOR FREEDOM makes it all worthwhile!

Then I tell the dems they can switch back the day after if it makes them feel better... I just want their primary vote now. I have all the way till November to convince them to give up on Obama by reminding them of how much I (and they) agreed with Candidate Obama, before he became Bush 3.0.

Remember people: the biggest hurdle in all this isn't changing minds, it's getting those damn bodies into the polls! Do whatever you have to do! Physically drive to them, put them in the car, and take them there. Lunch is on you afterwards. ;) Laziness and inertia is our biggest enemy!