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Dow drops 200 on Super Tuesday

Is this start of something bigger? A weakening economy hurts Obama. TPB have done a masterful job of levitation to date. Can they keep it up until the election? Stay tuned...

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michcrow's picture

Looks like it bounced back

Well it looks like to was able to bounce back. I guess there has to be drops every now and then. But if we see anymore drops in the next two week period we might see be seeing something else.

Two shorten the road.

northstar's picture

Is this "Panic Week?"

Scroll down about halfway to see yesterdays report:


Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

keep stackin!

Silver is down more than 1.00 today. I bought me 40 oz of philharmonics from APMEX (sale for 1.99 over spot, yay!)
I love getting rid of my FRNs for some real cold hard money. I only wish I could buy more!

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Keep your eyes peeled guys

This might be the beginning ... of the end.

He's the man.