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Rally for Ron Paul & Freedom Fest, Raleigh

Dear Paulites, If you live within a few hours of Raleigh, NC, you may want to join us for

Rally for Ron Paul & Freedom Fest!!

Saturday, March 24th

2:00 to 4:30PM

Hampton Inns & Suites, Airport/Brier Creek
8021 Arco Corporate Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617

Bring a friend and introduce them to the principals of freedom (& save some cash!)(You may pay at the door, but you must reserve your seats here http://raleighrallyforronpaul.eventbrite.com/

Seats are limited!!)


Featured Speaker - liberty activist, health radio talk show host Robert Scott Bell from Florida! http://www.robertscottbell.com/

Robert is a long time liberty activist and big time Ron Paul supporter. He is the host of "The Robert Scott Bell" radio show where he blasts the airwaves 6 days a week with political, economic and health freedom information you won't find anywhere else. Robert has interviewed the nation's top of the crop liberty proponents - Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, any many others. Robert is a no holds barred liberty activist who takes no prisoners! Attend if you dare and prepare to be ignited!

At this very special event we will focus on alternatives to government mandated health care, food freedom, being free in an unfree world and why Dr. Ron Paul is the only one fighting to protect your FREEDOM!!

In the words of Thomas Woods - "Conventional wisdom will be mercilessly pilloried!"

Special Guest Speaker:

Two time 4th District US Congressional Candidate –
Dr. B.J. Lawson

Also speaking:

NC Representative and NC Senate Candidate -
Glen Bradley

Liberty Activist & Constitutional Scholar-
Dr. Greg Brannon

2012 Candidate for NC Secretary of State-
Dr. Michael Beitler

Host of “The Stateless Man” radio show-
Fergus Hodgson

Liberty Activist -
Amanda Owens

PLUS - Live Music and more!

After Party!!: Embassy Suites, right next door! (Rally attendance & badge required. Only 30 spots available!).

Event website - http://raleighrallyforronpaul.com/

Proceeds, after expenses, go to Ron Paul 2012!
(Ron Paul will not be here in person)

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