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Voted in Ohio today

Today is my first post on the DP. I have been logging on several times a day for several months. Today is exciting. I was so proud to cast my vote for Dr. Paul today. My husband and son are doing the same. A friend e-mailed me today and said she did the same. I am SE of Cincinnati. The poll worker told me that by 8:30 p.m. tonight my precinct's totals will be posted on the door. It isn't far from here so I will go and get the results and post later.

I am fortunate to have Ben Swann in my area. Loved it last night when he stated Dr. Paul has the second most delegates. No matter what happens tonight, DO NOT become downhearted. This race will not be over for some time. Ignore the Romney rhetoric. This race will be decided in Tampa.

I filled out all the paperwork to be a delegate and mailed it the AG in Ohio and the campaign rep. Haven't heard another word since. Does anyone know what is up with the delegate selection in Ohio? Keep me posted please.

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I voted, too. :)

The poll workers said turnout was incredibly low. The only other voter in the room was shaking his head, telling the poll worker he was angry that "the mainstream media" is convincing people that Mitt has the nomination locked down, which is deflating turnout. "I'm sick of the media choosing our candidates!" he said. I wanted to ask him who he was voting for, because he sounded like a Ron Paul supporter...but I think that might have been construed as electioneering.

Imagine that...Mittens Romneycare suppressing GOP turnout. Who'd a thunk it.

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Here is my take on Ohio

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I agree. I teach health care policy and politics at a large university in cincinnati. I have taught that course for 4 years now. The class consists of educated Registered Nurses working towards their masters degree in nursing. Average age is about 40. Every year I am lucky if I have two out of approx 24 who have any clue whatsoever about anything political. I always start the class off with inquiries to get a feel for where the students are coming from. Every year, they say they don't care because the system is rigged, money rules and their votes don't count. This is the mindset of most americans I fear. At the end of last semester I told them who I was supporting. One student actually admitted she had never even heard of Ron Paul. Most americans pay no attention whatsoever to what goes on regarding their government, new legislation or the candidates. Everyone just wants to for the projected winner who talks a good game.