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MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro


Airing Date March.06, 2012

MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro

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@Rachel Maddow: You "live to cover nights like this?"

The question is: Which of the various meanings of the word, cover, are you intending, Rachel? I should think that it would be: "To be responsible for reporting the details of (an event or situation)." Details would certainly mean including the fourth candidate in this primary election, would it not? There is no mention in the lead up to the panel discussion that pertains to Dr. Paul's strenuous campaign efforts and the substantial portion of the electorate who support him.

Perhaps, however, you are using "cover" in another sense, viz., "To hide or screen from view or knowledge; conceal." Or, maybe, you use it in the sense of: "To protect, as from enemy attack, by occupying a strategic position." With respect to the latter idea, I think that you know that you must protect your liberal position from attack, because you know full well that Dr. Paul will defeat Obama.

I noticed the same thing this morning on the news

It was all about Romney versus Santorum not a single mention of Ron Paul despite the fact that he beat Santorum in the most recent contest in my home State of Washington (and likely beat Romney in the precinct delegate battle which is what actually counts).

Ignoring the "monster" is why Dr Frankenstein lost so much

Created from pieces of history-based wisdom, blood, sacrifice, pain, and future-oriented passion...Liberty lives.

Liberty is very, very powerful. But it scares people. So Liberty is shunned, ignored, abused...called names.

Through Ron Paul, Liberty learned the political process and politely asks only for what is right...to be a valid part of society. To be truly accepted.

Instead, Liberty is further mocked, shunned, and attacked.

This very much parallels the story of Frankenstein. And the "monster" had to resort to violence.

Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus is a great read: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/84/84-h/84-h.htm

They are acting like he

They are acting like he doesn't even exist! That is just painfully pathetic.

My sister who is not a Paul supporter along with a few others I

Along with a few others I know, now NOTICE how the media has ignored Ron Paul. They can't belive it, they are now waking up to the corruption going on just because of the media ignoring him. it's so obvious, even the regular people notice.


post..but honestly any MSM has lost their right to talk about President Paul...they are so discredited already it actually makes Ron Paul look good.