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Huckabee REFUSES to allow Dr. Paul on 3/3 Forum Series via Satellite!

Another example of MSM blockade.

"Mike Huckabee is hosting his third special-edition presidential forum in Wilmington, Ohio, on Saturday, but only three of the four GOP candidates will participate. The odd man out is Ron Paul, who will be campaigning in Washington state, which holds its caucuses that day."

"According to the letter, the Paul campaign called Fox News' decision "arrogant." Huckabee said he and his staff disagreed and "in fact feel that giving you an accommodation that was neither asked for nor granted to any other candidate would more objectively be considered both arrogant and blatantly indefensible.""

I wonder if Mittens would have been turned down if he had requested to attend via satellite?



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Write Huckerbee and Fox news....

Boycott their products and email every day to tell them...oh yeah...CANCEL FOX NEWS!

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