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Ron Paul North Dakota Super Tuesday Speech

Thanks Henry, for the YouTube!


Tune in:

Awaiting Youtube, please post link if you find it, thanks.

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Could someone make make a video of a segment....

Cut out from 7:20 to about 8:20 and make another video.

I thought it was great stuff, as was the rest of the speech.

Liberty is Winnig

I read that 1/3 of the colonists were for independence 1/3 against and 1/3 didn't care. it took the 1/3 to push it through! it started as early as 1768 and took till 1787 for the Constitution! 2 years ago there. Was very little on the subject online now there are at least Hundreds of videos on the Constitution Nothing can stop ideas specially when their time has come!

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Please forgive me for yelling.


People are waking, though too slowly for the liking of most.

When a growing group of folks who say NO, as in "no one but Paul " begins to frighten TPTB, we are winning.

It Takes a Small Irate Remnant, Keen On Setting Brush Fires...

All it takes is a small irate remnant, keen on setting brush fires...~ Samuel Adams

"Keen on setting brush fires"

"Never let it be said that we did nothing, that no one cared.. ~Ron Paul

I wanted to cry

He said "We always win," and I wanted to cry. It's awfully dark in this tunnel.

It's so clear to me. What do you vote for? Slavery or freedom? Death or life? Prosperity or poverty? Evil or good? I just wish more and more people would see.

We've got to continue spreading Ron Paul's message. We've got to keep trying to open eyes. And we've GOT to do it through LOVE.

I'm going to go write an article now.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Fired up angry

I heard the CNN people talking about the exit polling data from Super Tuesday. They said that voters who felt like having a Conservative candidate to run against Obama was most important voted for Santorum. WHAT THE FAT? HUH?

Folks, we have a problem because people who say they are Conservatives are NOT conservatives. Ron Paul is the ONLY Conservative running for President.

I am fed up with the way the Republican party treats Ron Paul. I'm fed up with how creepy peeps like Rush Limbaugh talk about Ron Paul. I'm SICK and TIRED of the news people asking Ron Paul

1) will you run as an independent?
2) will you withdraw from the race?
3) will you support Romney?

and all the other Bullishishness. Why don't they ask Newt, Rick and Mitt those stinkin' questions.

I want to be free. I want everyone to be free. Everyone should want to be free. So-called conservatives (the Santorum kind) don't want anyone to be free. They want the same tyranny Obama has put us under, just a different flavor. They want to enrich different cronies. They want to kill different people.

However, they still want to send my son to die in a war that has nothing to do with our national interests.

They want to take my money and give it to people who kill babies. If there's any left, they want to take my money and give it to the ultra-wealthy Power Elite class.

They want to play nice with the U.N. They want to dictate to Israel (and every other country) what they can or cannot do.

OMG! They want to put people like me in jail with no trial, charge or due process. They want to spy on all my emails, phone calls and Internet visits.

SANTORUM, ROMNEY, GINGRICH are no different from OBAMA.

Folks, I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I see Ron Paul as our only hope, but the system & the establishment will not let my voice be heard. Shame on America.


Need More Intensity

Love Ron Paul and being a supporter. After last night a lot of my hopes seemed dashed as I realize either a lot of America or the media obviously will not allow the best candidate to represent the GOP. I can only pray that Ron Paul wins this election somehow. I think that if he had any strong ads against all the other candidates he needs to play those cards now so if he were to have to go third party be will get his share in while people still have chance in getting him in as GOP. I know name of game is delegates and we won't know for some time but it's awfully scary looking at the states without one colored in for Dr. Paul. Please rally all you can we need Ron Paul.

I Agree

I don't understand why so many Americans disagree with this message. It is common sense.

Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged against provisions against danger, real or pretended from abroad. -James Madison


Who would be top vp candidates if he goes third party which seems likely

I hope he does

I hope Ron Paul either goes independent or third party. I know he still won't win, but he will guarantee that the Republicrats will lose.

See what I mean? If they are going to diss this great man, rig votes, disenfranchise voters and act like Ron Paul is invisible, let Ron Paul be on the ballot in November. Don't reward the DISGUSTING Republican Party with ANY votes.

They treat us like SCAT and we're supposed to fall in line and vote for a candidate who is supposedly less-worse than Obama? Foreget it.

I agree it's so disheartening

I agree it's so disheartening how much effort he is going thru to get his delegates and the others can just get them in large bundles seemingly very easily..

If it isnt Ron Paul as much as I don't want it to happen I will vote for Obama or just write in Ron Paul no matter what just to hopefully send a message to GOP this is ridiculous

Know any delegates?

If anyone knows any delegates, could you forward the promotional flyers?

Here's the link: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

I think that if delegates gave them to other non-paul delegates then maybe we could sway some to our side. ESPECIALLY if there's a brokered convention. Think about that one.

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I was at the Fargo caucus and the Ron Paul supporters outnumbered the other candidates 10 to 1. Dr.Paul should do very well here in ND.

CNN slips up

CNN reporter forgot to zoom in on Ron Paul and under report the count of the crowd gathered in support of him on this Super Tuesday in North Dakota. He even admitted that the crowd OF VOTERS was far larger than any other candidates at over 2,000.

Votes, not Crowds

The crowds Ron Paul attracts are truly impressive. however, the crowds are not translating into votes. I know that fraud is rampant in these primaries, but still... Paul should have won one vote by now.

Which cspan?

Which c-span was this on? I have c-span 1 and 2 and it was not on so I watched it via the internet link.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

so the other three puppets just said screw ND

Didn't we all know somehow that Paul would be the only one to show up?
Romney must be smug knowing he's got the establishment on his side and Santorum is his sniveling rival. Electronic voting machines okay - rig up but these caucus states....boy they have to work for it!

We the People vs. Fox News!

We should sue them, Class Action!

Fox has engaged in election fraud.

Someone get it started

I'll sign on!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


If this was aired on ALL networks the other candidates would have just packed it up!


If anyone can provide a replay link I would be greatly indebted!

Btw, this EXACTLY why Paul is blocked from the msm and ALSO why the govt wants to control and restrict the internet.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The speech was absolutely fantastic!

Dr. Paul was at his best, so energetic, so clear in the message delivery (no buzz words etc). He looked at least 20 years younger, I loved every minute if it. Ron Paul or no one!

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right, 41 Views on Y.T.



Fox News just aired a few minutes of Dr. Paul's speech only to cut him off and then talk HORRIBLE about him. Does anyone have a clip? He said that Ron Paul cannot MATHMATICALLY win and that his supporters do not like that but they need to get the facts! WOW! Then he interviewed a guy who said all his votes were protest votes and he will never exceed 25%... That is insane. They literally just lied to the masses again. I cannot stand them.

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

clearly not

They can say they are protest votes - but anyone can vote for Gingrich if they want to protest.

This is core support, and frankly it's pretty solid.

Ron Paul voters aren't going away because of a 'setback' - frankly I have trouble describing Ron Paul's best night ever as a setback, but no matter - people wanted a win, and he didn't get it. Don't forget though, Ron Paul polled second in primary states - like earlier in the year in New Hampshire, and last night in Vermont. Since when did a protest vote beat out the 3rd and 4th place candidates, lol.

Even if Ron Paul didn't win outright, it can't mean that we suddenly change our minds and now we want more war. Or now we want to borrown trillions until the country is bankrupt.

Ron Paul didn't poll as well as we hoped in North Dakota so now we dedicate our lives to shutting down liberty?

The neocon doesn't understand, its not merely a shrewd calculation about who will win - it's about who should win. Elections sometimes are about deciding who should win, not rubber stamping who might win.

And we have no where to go - Romney is a borrow and spend, big government war hawk. Gingrich has admitted that he thinks any sign of austerity means Republicans will get "fired". Santorum - lol, he's the worst of all worlds, big government on spending and big government on intrusion into private lives. The only liberty he might side with, is freedom of religion, but even then I'd have to be convinced.

Ron Paul all the way.

Why are you still watching FOX?

I didn't turn on TV the whole day and it felt great.

Well, big boss Murdoch tweeted his endorsement

of Santorum so it's all hands on deck to sink the opposition, especially Paul who was persona non grata to begin with because he's against the wars.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Surprised microphone didn't go out until AFTER Ron Paul spoke...

...instead of during.

"the NATURAL RIGHT to the fruits of our LABOR"

...would kept me OUT of this public sector job that is headed for an eventual and guaranteed Greek demise...and would have allowed me to PROSPER significantly with my OWN SMALL BUSINESS idea [ http://windowjohn.com ] back in 2008 when the whole thing collapsed!!!

I have more talents to offer my fellow man than merely pushing a broom to put food on the table for my 5 kids!