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Daily Show poll

Daily Show asking which candidate has the best presidential superpower? Take the Super Tuesday Poll!


Ron and Mitt are tied for first at 38%

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Before this too disappears.

Newt Gingrich 20%
Rick Santorum 6%
Mitt Romney 8%
Ron Paul 66%

Jon Stewart presidential superpower poll, Ron Paul winning big

Ron Paul at 64% right now. Blowing the others out of the water. Newt 22%, Santanot 6%, Romney 9%.

Sasha Sessums



bump for awesome

... and now we'r at 63%! :)


remain basically the same:
Paul 62%
Gingrich 23%
Romney 9%
ILOATHESantorum 6%

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We are currently winning at 62%!

There is also a smaller poll along the right side, which Ron Paul is winning with 75%. :D

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Ron cruising of course, but Gingrich at 23% WTF? What is his superpower, being a king BS'er?

Two Words: Moon Base.

Two Words:

Moon Base.

Just voted

RP at 62%

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I'm looking at it now(6:29PM

I'm looking at it now(6:29PM CST) with:

Newt Gingrich: 22%

Rick Santorum: 6%

Mitt Romney: 9%

Ron Paul: 62%!

That changed fast eh?

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RP = 62 %


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Ron Paul tied w/Romney.

Who Has The Best Presidential Superpower?

Newt Gingrich 22%
Rick Santorum 11%
Mitt Romney 33%
Ron Paul 33%

Not Anymore

Ron Paul 55%
Mitt Romney 21%

RP 52% @ 17:55 cst


Dr Paul winning now


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul