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What is the delegate allocation process for Virginia and Vermont?

Looks like we may do better than expected in these two states. Can someone please explain to me if these are winner take all or not? Do we need to win congressional districts or a certain percentage etc? I appreciate any info!

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Here's Virginia

My understanding:

  • VA has a 49 delegates.
  • 3 of these delegates are assigned by the GOP internally.
  • 13 of these delegates will be automatically assigned to whomever receives over 50% of the entire vote in the state. Since there are only two candidates, this WILL happen.
  • 33 of these delegates will be apportioned by district winner to each candidate. There are 11 districts, and each overall district winner gets all 3 delegates from that district.

In Vermont there is one district so....

If you get over 20 percent you get delegates. Not sure how many but it is directly proportional to the popular vote.