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Are there more than one type of CONSERVATIVES?

Are there more than one type of CONSERVATIVES?

And are conservatives individuals who work to and support CONSERVING America's traditional values, starting with the U.S. Constitution?


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there's only one type of conservative - non-interventionist, Constitutionalist, sound-money advocates who are firmly against a bloated federal government and will not legislate morality or take unwarranted control over people's lives.

Anyone who does not subscribe to that platform is not a conservative, end of story.

And yes, I'm well aware of NEO-conservatives, but the correct term for those scumbags is "liberals".

I don't play, I commission the league.


is largely no longer conservative. It has been infiltrated by leftists, NEO-conservatives. The leftists have infiltrated all institutions and organizations, from the schools, the churches, political partiers, the media. This gradual infiltration and giving lip service to language of liberty and conservatism has tricked the majority of the population into going along with things that are not in their best interests, whether it is union members voting for NAFTA promoting condidates at the urging of their leaders or church memebers voting for their own looting because their priest tells them it is Church "social teaching". Some minds cannot be unplugged from the Matrix.

Conservative, like the tea

Conservative, like the tea party, doesn't mean anything anymore. The tea party was supposed to be a Ron Paul movement but now there are people who consider themselves part of the tea party and vote for Romney. The same can be said of conservatives. They might consider themselves "very conservative", yet they vote for Gingrich or something.


1. Old-School Republican Conservatives - a.k.a. Founding Fathers, Dr. Paul, lots of us here, etc.

2. Neo-Con Republicans - a.k.a. New Conservatives, (FAKE conservative): Republicrats, the other 3 stooge-GOP candidates, Bush, Cheney, Obomba, etc.

There are over 4 yrs of archives here & lots of info. on Old-School & New Con. The navy blue search button at top will help you view them.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica