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Update from Memphis, TN!

From my uncle an hour ago:

"Wow. Voter turnout in my precinct is very heavy. Line out the door! Lots of Ron Paul supporters"

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i just don't have any patience...

for the people who made up their minds in the last few days...how can that be?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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That's good. I just checked

That's good. I just checked TN returns and they are looking nearly as bad a Georgia. People say you can't fix stupid, but I disagree. The whole Ron Paul movement is exactly about fixing stupid, and it's come a long way!

You have to understand this

You have to understand this is the Bible Belt. I grew up there, and there are a lot of uneducated super right wing Baptists that live there. It doesn't surprise me at all Santurum would dominate there, even though he is Catholic and acts like a Baptist.

Ron is Baptist

But he never talks about it and embraces toleration. Those old American values that Santorum seems to forget when he talks about traditional values.

Santorum is a closet Baptist.

His foreign policy views were formed when he read all those "Left Behind" books and got further indoctrination from AIPAC.

Minnesota Mary

Yeah... I've been living in

Yeah... I've been living in the deepish South for 5 years now. You are right.

I like his precinct..:)

I like his precinct..:)