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Fox News Keeps Mentioning Dr. Paul (Only for negative reasons of course though)

I heard Ron Paul's name mentioned on Fox news tonight more than in all the months I have following the campaign. Except that they're saying stuff like "Ron Paul finished in 4th place" or "the only reason Ron Paul's numbers were so good in VA was that he got the 'protest vote'".

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I noticed that too on talk radio

They went out of their way to announce "Ron Paul projected 4th" for every single state that was possible for. Over and over again.

I couldn't take it anymore

I couldn't take it anymore and switched over to CNN.

Me Too

After showing part of Dr. Pauls great speech going on they cut back to Shepherd Smith and Ed Rollins who said that Ron Paul will not be going anywhere and can never get more than 25%. Why are they so hyped on Romney who they always said had a threshold of 30% PS. CNN was not much better so I came back to the DP!


I agree CNN is not much

I agree CNN is not much better. And you are right, when they said Dr Paul will never get above 25 percent that is when I turned them off. We will never see a balanced network.......dang it.

Maybe the reason he "can't

Maybe the reason he "can't get over 25%" is because Faux News says he is crazy and can't win. It's funny though, Faux News watchers who call themselves "conservative" won't vote for the one candidate with a conservative foreign policy.

The Fox News "conservatives" will vote for anyone except

the only conservative.