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Daily Paul REAL Delegate Count

It seems to me that the biggest question we all have about the race is how many delegates the good Doctor actually has. We all know our troops on the ground are securing delegate positions bound for other romney and santorum that will be unbound in a brokered convention. There's no way the media would be able to count or predict how many of those there are. But I bet they all read the Daily Paul!I think publicly posting on the site would expose them to be blocked from the convention by the GOP, but what if we had all of them e-mail or otherwise discreetly contact one person, and he could post the REAL delegate count here.I'm sure it would be a HUGE morale boost to revolution! BUMP this if you think we could really do this!

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Almost half are unpledged delegates...could be from any camp

Almost half are unpledged delegates...could be from any camp

Ummm, people from various camps are spy delegates

Thus, there really isn't a good count.

Just go here:

Just go here: http://www.capitalfreepress.com/republican-primary-delegate-...

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Us delegates.

There are what you call "Super delegates" in each state. Those are the ones we need to convert ! They are the Republican governors, , their wives, the GOP vice governor, the GOP senator or senators, the State GOP representatives, the GOP state chair person. Go to the GOP facebook of your state and start posting positive things about Ron Paul. "Like" things other Ron Paulers post. People do not understand Paul sometimes. If you explain him, they will come.