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Does America really support the troops?

I can't help but think the answer is no. And this totally kills me. We like cute little sayings on yellow car magnets and riding around town to make ourselves feel good. We like to wrap ourselves up in the flag on the 4th of July and pay remembrance to those that pay the ultimate sacrifice. But is this really support? My simple answer is no, this is all fluff that makes us feel good inside.

Real support would be to not want to see our sons and daughters and fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters shipped off to some distant land to fight for some bloated politician. Yet, what do we do? We vote those into office that come right out and say that is exactly what they are going to do. Is this how we really say thank you for your service? Go die so I don't have to? Has America really turned into this type of country?

Real support would be to write to our Congressmen and women and anyone that would listen for that matter and tell them to bring our troops home and stop sending them off to get murdered so you can get re-elected. Real support would be to march in the street and demand change in our reckless foreign policy. Real support would be to demand our loved ones come back in something other than a body bag.

It's time we take charge. Call your Congressmen and women and tell them that we are sick of war and bloodshed and death for no reason other than what their twisted minds can come up with. Tell them we and sick and tired of the propaganda and we aren't going to take it anymore.

Let's show real support for the troops by standing up for them, just like they have stood up for us, and bring them home. Let's show real support for the troops by telling them we have their back and we want to see them come home. It's time for peace, not more war; let's make it happen.

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