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ND: did anyone record this on CNN?

PLEASE READ EDIT #2 BELOW. It was 60 votes for Paul, not 109.

Did somebody get a recording of this on CNN?

On CNN, right after the North Dakota polls closed, a reporter in Fargo went up to a counting booth and the lady said there were something like 109 votes for Paul, 19 votes for Santorum and 9 votes for Romney in that district.

Looking at the current Google election results for North Dakota, there is no district representing similar numbers. So either it's not been added to the total yet or the vote count was changed.

Edit: The only district reported so far that could be this one is District 44, which has 115 votes for Paul, 90 votes for Santorum, and 50 votes for Romney. But how could Paul only gain about 6 votes yet Santorum gains 71 and Romney gains 41?

Link to Google Election results:

Edit #2: I am sorry, it was 60 votes for Ron Paul. That makes a huge difference. However, I still do not see any districts near Fargo with similar results.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UX2KuS9oOk

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I just watched the video

I just watched the video posted below. The district was an at-large district, which means anyone from around the state could vote, so I assume it wouldn't be on Google maps. The woman states that a lot of the people were people who had come from elsewhere to see Ron Paul and then voted there for him.

There are five districts near

There are five districts near Fargo that Ron Paul won. Are you sure the results were for an entire district? Are you positive about Santorum and Romney's totals

I saw it. Thought he'll yea

I saw it. Thought he'll yea to myself. Thought we won ND. Then we got 2nd an hour later.

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Where's Jimmy Carter when you need him?

At least we know that we should not be throwing rocks at others around the world for their voter fraud...

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Somebody posted a video. It was 60, not 109. My apologies.



The GOP hitman got there a little late and had to "adjust" the numbers.
That's phucking how.

note how Wolf was trying to get an estimate of RP supporters

from the reporter so they could adjust the numbers accordingly...

RP R3VOLution

It's called


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I wish I had recorded it or

I wish I had recorded it or remembered which district it was. I really hope somebody has a recording of it.

We need to watch

We need to watch this--carefully..