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Vermont Fraud!

I have been watching the Vermont primary on google elections pretty much since it started counting and i have noticed that ever since around 15% of the vote in, they have had Santorum behind Paul by around 500 votes...every time the page refreshes the vote numbers go up, but Paul is still ahead by 500 every time. Plus, he started at 27% and the exit poll showed 27% but now only 24%?? Just seems very unreal and fixed to make it look like Paul tied Santorum for 2nd...

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24% actual result is not

24% actual result is not surprising if the exit poll is 27%. That's within the margin of error. I don't get your point about Paul's margin over Santorum not changing much. They finished very close together, so the margin wouldn't change much. Perhaps the relatively pro-RP and anti-Santorum areas came in first, giving Ron a larger margin than the statewide totals. This isn't proof of anything.

Who cares, it means nothing

Who cares, it means nothing if YOU are a delegate!

Paul's margin stays the same

Paul's margin stays the same and Romney just keeps going up. That is the way they always fix it.

Enough with the fraud already

Glitchy internet programs are not fraud. Bring some proof or shut up!

How would one bring proof for this? Start there & then you

will understand how fraud works in this country. The GOP party leadership & deibold voting machines can be rigged, people can & do take bribes. Do you have faith in this voting system? If so, why? Prove that the votes tallied are correct? You see, that is the problem, we dont have open, transparent elections where the votes are openly counted in public view. You are essentially asking for proof of fraud, but the better question is to ask for proof that the votes that were cast by the people end up going to the candidates they are cast for. Prove that.

james williams

You don't need to act that way

I have been watching the vermont screen all night and the totals each refresh give Paul and Santorum the same percentage every time. This is not plausible, it just isnt very likely that they got the same amount of votes every time they have a new report. Can you explain it? If you can't then I believe it is not true, I believe Paul should be around 30% and i would love to see the fraud detected to give me that proof!!