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NWO is going to give Romney Ohio

Watch the Romney comeback right before your very eyes. The magic of technology.

It's almost like watching 'Fast & Furious' where Vin Diesel or Paul Walker hits the nitrous button.

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Its Predictable.

The media bias. The GOP bias. The Power Brokers Who Own The Game & Most Of The Pieces. Thats What I Love About Ron Paul. They do not own him & we are very fortunate to have come as far as we have. We are making major progress against a very corrupt & rigged game. Just think if the internet didnt exist. Just think if RP hadnt been in the debates in 2008. We would not be here now at this escalated stage in the battle of our time. Individualism vs Collectivism. We must capitalize on the work of so many patriots to continue building this foundation. This ideological Revolution is here to stay! We are here now in this grand opportunity in history, that we get to be apart of.

james williams

and they hide in plain sight

becoming even more embolden in their machinations as death and hell follow after them

we will not go peacefully , we will not go quietly into the night
we will not stop fanning the fires of Liberty, though we fall and stumble . We will pick each other up and continue the good fight.
Our honor and our fortunes are pledged forthwith and victory is surely ours.

Keep the faith and in the face of adversity stay strong for you know you are on the winning side.

Keep hope alive and if you ever run into Al Sharpton, slap him for me.

How about that!!

Romney just paseed Santorum by 7000 votes with 86% reporting.



hate frothy

I hate em all...

But not as much as I hate rigged elections in my country.


That means Romney made up

That means Romney made up 30,000 votes in the last hour.


+ 1


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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The Magic

of Diebold!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I've been noticing that

He gained over 20,000 votes on Santorum in that last 30 minutes.


Buffalo Wings

Like I said somewhere else. A Buffalo Wings Commercial