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What the Fcuk is Happening!?

We need to win a fcuking state! This is starting to really piss me off. Breathe, breathe...Fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk!!!! Just saying.

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It's just damn hard when you

It's just damn hard when you come out of the darkness fully and realize that the rest of the world has bags over their heads. I started awakening in 2007 BUT I wasn't fully there until this election cycle began. I carved eye holes in my bag in 2007 but then I decided to just turn the bag around so the eye holes were in back. Sigh... we sure can play mental gymnastics with ourselves sometimes, huh? At any rate, now I'm fully awake, the bag is ripped off and while there is NO GOING BACK, I sorta miss my bag hat sometimes because its a hell of a lot easier to live in the dark, KWIM?! I have days where all I can do is pretend none of this insanity is happening or I swear I would lose my mind.

It sure is nice to know I'm not the only person living on the edge of insanity these days. I appreciate the encouraging words and I will take them to heart! Thank You.



"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

what about if I throw it

what about if I throw it square in the eye of some rabid neo-cons... then can I throw some poop?!

Lol! Also... :(

Even though this comment is sad it made me LOL! It's hard to stay positive, I feel ya. I am so agitated! But we have to keep pressing on. Don't let discouragement cause us to hide under the covers!

nope, no giving up! I will

nope, no giving up! I will soldier on but I can't guarantee I will have no more bouts of fetal position corner-crying. ARRGHH... it is VERY hard to stay positive.

The TV is happening.

The TV is happening.

Indeed. I watch tv, I vote.


I watch tv, I vote.

So which one

of the fcuktards did TV tell you to vote for?