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Disappointing BUT the real truth is

the fact that Santorum did so well tonight means.....all four will remain in the race. Gingrich won't leave....not yet. Santorum has no reason to leave with this success. The golden boy won't leave. Therefore, the delegates continue to be divided making it impossible for any candidate to reach 1144. Tonight just increases the prospects of a brokered convention and that was always our best chance.

Romney did horrible tonight considering his front runner stamp and Santorum has no organization. Remember a few weeks ago when the guy from Dr. Paul's campaign in 2008 said even if Santorum runs the board, he can't hit 1144. Stay strong!!!

We cannot get downhearted. So so so so many things can happen between now and Tampa. All tonight means is we just keep going forward, continue to organize and get to the convention.

I mailed in my papers months ago to be a delegate in Ohio. Does anyone know who the contact person is for this?

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Disappointing no way! This was the plan

a slow and steady ground game and a brokered convention. We always knew that the GOP would deny him first place finishes and the nomination on the first ballot. But Ron's surfboard is in perfect position to catch the wave. Romney has been denied inevitability status, which is why Ron isn't too mean to Gingrich/Sanitorium. He likes the field just the way it is, splitting the votes. More and more people wake up to the Ron Paul message every day, including the Occupy Wall Streeters I have seen who now have a very healthy RP contingent. By November we will own the streets and the people will he heard, to be ignored at the peril of the status quo: WE WANT RON PAUL!

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

santorum is such a liar

i heard some of his speech yesterday, talking about the overgrown govt. and the crowd eating it up, without ever questioning how he plans to shrink the govt. and touting the constitution and liberty

Newt and Romney are doing it too

they disgust me so much using tea party rhetoric but not actually having a record or a plan that supports any of the principles that they are championing in their BS speeches

when i hear parts of their speeches i half think they are about to endorse or introduce Dr. Ron Paul.

It's the cause, not just the man.

Excuse the repost.

I know Super Tuesday was somewhat deflating, as was Iowa and Maine, but did you really think the establishment, the puppet masters and the brainwashed sheeple were ever going to allow Ron Paul to win anything? We can only hope the message continues to grow over the summer. What if Ron doesn't win the nomination? What if he's doesn't even make it to the national convention with his platform? I ask us all; including myself.....what are we prepared to do? Is the revolution over without Ron Paul? Who will pick up the cause? We must continue to educate and awaken the masses out of the matrix. Besides, it's not over yet. Paul is gaining massive delegates and hopefully will be a force if he can make it to the convention, if not miraculously win the nomination.
This is a horrible thought, but it's kind of like Dr. Paul said. He....( we )....will win this argument in the end. When the whole system comes crashing down, only then will people realize what we were talking about. The fake two party paradigm, the fake news media, the crony capitalism, and the military industrial complex must end. We are a small force fighting an uphill battle against incredible forces, but their plan is starting to crack. Look at 2008 and compare it to now. The only problem is we won’t have Ron Paul here to pick up the pieces and we won’t have him in 2016. If we don't continue and don’t find many future Ron Paul's, then they win. Then this whole thing will just be a blip on the timeline and things will be back to how they want it.
Anyways, yes I'm pissed off about the idiot voters and the rigged system, but I took the red pill and have had "the awakening". I can NEVER go back!

It all depends on the economy... I am amazed at

anyone voting for Santorum. Just amazing that anyone playing religion for card (Poppa Bush trick with Islam Afghanistan, Ralph Reed and Abramoff corruption Dubya) without Augustine of Hippo or Thomas Aquinas just war. Very disappointing elections for the last 30 years... Not a lot different than Putin's Russian election..

he spouts off plenty of ron paul themes too

have you heard him speak..
about govt being too big
about fighting for the constitution
about preserving our liberty

people actually vote for him for these reasons as well as his religion

Wis the point of this? There

Wis the point of this? There is no structure to your writing and the headline makes no sense at all. If you are disappointed in Frothy not dropping out then you don't understand the process! Froth drops, WE LOSE! The more split the vote, the better for us. Aside from the GOP screwing us out of our beauty contests, things are going perfectly. There is no reason to be discouraged if Santorum and Gingrich flounder a bit longer. What we should fear is Santorum and Gingrich dropping to endorse Romney.

More importantly than all that though...THERE WILL BE NO BROKERED CONVENTION!!!!!

It is and has been completely against the GOP rules for some time now! It would NOT be good for us, and it will NOT happen.

An open convention is something entirely different! The process works in rounds! In any round a candidate needs to get over 50% of the elected delegates' vote to win the nomination! First round is the only round where candidates are bound to a candidate, so of Romney cannot get half the vote in the first round (most likely at this point) we go on to roud 2, aka OPEN CONVENTION. Those saying brokered convention are ignorant and confusing the issue just as bad as the mainstream media.

Not brokered convention,

OPEN convention. Big difference.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes, brokered can't happen by

Yes, brokered can't happen by the GOP rules
Please don't spread this kind of misinformation on such high level posts

How did he do "so well"

How did he do "so well" tonight? He didn't win a single state that he wasn't expected to. And he lost Ohio that was a lock for him just 5 days ago.

Tuesday was a win for Romney. That is not even up for debate. It knocked Gingrich out of the running entirely. It did the same for Ron Paul in terms of winning states. And it also gave Romney enough delegates and momentum to get the majority.


So which empty suit are you supporting?

NO, we are in it to win it

We have again many delegates. Paul supporters are delegates everywhere even in disguise as romney supporters.

Santorum will slip up somewhere.
Gingrich will leave at some point and wont gather much more Delegates.
Romney isnt the frontrunner he ought to be.
It comes now down to us to inform the masses about what the Mass Media is not telling.

It was hard for Paul to be the poll winner at super tuesday cause he hasnt the media attention in that many states at the same time.
Its all about the media and how we reach the people.

If Ron Paul had the same media attention like Romney then we would be the frontrunner...

So its on us to inform the masses

Print out and distribute flyers in masses (http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...)
Send Super brochures.
Donate to the campaign.
Show up to votes and bring as many people with you as possible.
Get as many delegates as possbile.
thats what we can do!

+ The rest is up to the campaign and the good Dr. educating people.



Ah ok I see who you are now

You're one of those Romneybots that has been posting crap not only here but even in other forums that are favorable to other candidates.

Know this, Romney will NEVER be president. All this money, all these efforts of so many of his trolls ARE IN VAIN, YOU'LL LOSE, guaranteed 100%.

Also, you're a dying breed, it's only a matter of time before you lose power, we are the future and there's NOTHING you can do about it XD

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an


for you below a few posts.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Float Rand Paul As The New Name In A Brokered Convention.

If we have to concede at some point in the future, this is the way to go about it.

At least we could make Ron proud!


You have 2 choices at a brokered convention and they are:

a. give all delegates to romney and get backstabbed

b. give all delegates to a conservative and leave with integrity and a liberty movement intact


Excellent Idea.

That would surely throw a wrench in their establishment plans
On another note..
We must rid ourselves of the war pigs in Congress and senate now before it is too late.
They are taking us into more war as we speak.
Fire them now please!

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.


this would be one of the best possibilities.

Don't forget

Many of the Romney/Santorum delegates, are actually Ron Paul delegates. Unbound delegates, remember?

We were sitting at about 90 before today. So really our delegate total is now 90 + 21 + Alaska + any other "SOFT" delegates we may have picked up tonight.

Seeing the field split such as it is - Romney 5 states, Santorum 3 states, Gingrich 1 state really does play into Dr. Paul's delegate strategy.

So you THINK they

So you THINK they are.

Again...are you just 4 years old or something? Too young to remember how morons like you were saying the SAME THING in 2008?

"Most of the McCain delegates are Ron Paul Delegates! WE are going to WINNNNN! Tra-la-la-la-la! Ron Paul for President!"

And you were made to look like a fucking fool 4 years ago.

Again...not only is it NOT true...but unlike 2008, the "scheme" is way more out in the open and more importantly...is being used by THE OTHER CANDIDATES! There are people who claim to be Ron Paul supporters (some on this very board..some with join dates of 2008 or earlier) who are going to vote for someone else.

Are you really SO fucking naive as to think that Ron Paul is the only one to think about it? Or that he would get away with it?

And again...the saddest part is, when it doesn't happen, will you have the integrity to come back and admit how stupid this post was? Nope. You will not. Because you have no integrity.

And this time could be any

And this time could be any "worse"? The entire party fell in line behind John McCain; Paul came 2nd in actual delegates. Miniscule a number as though it was, there's a big chance for a big difference this time. Most states bind you for only the first round of voting, and we lost projected delegates because of poor structure--our people weren't yet in those party positions.

This time, it's different. While we haven't won any contests, we've definitely won a lot of delegates from 2nd place. And this time, with far better organization, we're getting the delegates for county conventions. Those county conventions in turn elect delegates for state conventions. The state convention will determine our final delegate counts. 40% in doesn't guaranty 40% out, but it could mean 30% out or 50% out.

Those soft delegates, while being elected for Romney or Santorum or even Gingrich, may be Paul supporters--just like Paul's soft delegates may be for the other three. That's less likely, because we've got the best activist organization.

Ultimately, I think the Tampa convention will not be finished after the first round. That first round will be a guide--how well each candidate should do. The second round will be real results--how well each candidate is attracting activists. Paul could disappoint or he could surprise--we won't know until we're there. If the voting isn't cinched by round 2, either, then round 3 is probably going to have the intellectual drop-out of one or two of the candidates.

We've got to make sure that Paul is 1st or 2nd in Round 2. By being in either position, we'll raise a lot of eyebrows and could cinch the nomination in Round 3.


jeez, no need for vulgar language and hatred. Why can't people just accept others' opinions? You don't need to attack Paul supporters because you disagree; Just let us be.

the guy's a 10hr old TROLL!

Please don't feed the trolls, like bottom-scrapers, they only fatten with fecal idiocy.

come on folks, the obvious ones are always the most amusing ones. Love how he accused others of being naive and childish, and deludes ANYONE other than RP would have a chance in hell of beating oBUSHma, nor the fact that GoldmanSUX is the biggest donor for BOTH Romney & Obamna should tell any GeoPolitics101 student that Romney is the Ruling Class' chosen ringer. but of course, children don't think people with trillions at stake would ever fix an election, why such notion is naive and something only a "4year old" would say!


Thanks Team Romney, for sending us your best token idiot to brighten our day! & here I really thought that the two campaigns weren't in collusion. I get it, they share the same rent-an-idiot service!

You know Jwhitmore, instead of wasting time here, you need to take care of your idiot Frothy problem so that we can really start simply destroying what little future chance in politics you do not have, once we're done exposing your candidate's phony spineless flip-floppy self.

Hey, we're not the ones with a whole slate of dissatisfied family members who are so fed up and have so little faith in your lack of principles that they openly are actively campaigning for your Opposition.


Keep chewing on appleseeds I hear minute traces of cyanide in them may benefit you, at least according to your big govt loving FDA, that I'm sure Mitt would love to keep around, unlike the Doc.

it's been fun. but now run along. Adults, that would be people with a slightly broader repertoire in their vocab set than kindergartener's rantings, are talking. shoo.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Can-it Jwhitmore -

Follow the DP Rules & Guidelines or be banned by a Mod.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

you are correct!



I'm going to be with the Dr. until the end! Woo hoo! Screw all the sheeples, they don't deserve him!
You know, they can only use fraud to take our votes away, meaning OUR VOTES really make an impact! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (My depression lasted for 5 hours, back into business!)

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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this is not disappointing

this is great news considering that we can win a brokered convention...there is no faking the delegates votes...bring it...

Correct me if I'm wrong

It's not impossible for any candidate to get 1144 delegates. Romney has over half of the delegates that have been awarded so far. If he just keeps up the pace he is on he will win a majority of the delegates and win the nomination.


Also, keep in my that there are plenty of party establishment types who are delegates, but can't be "won" by any of the candidates. Those who have already publicly pledged their support for one candidate or another have overwhelmingly supported Romney. If he is close, it will be possible for the Republican establishment to give him 200 or even 300 more delegate to put him over the top.