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RON PAUL has the MOST 2nd place finishes to DATE! More than any other candidate

For all of you detractors on the Paul and all the detractors on the MSM.

Paul has the most second place finishes to date, and as the primaries move on, Paul is getting stronger.

So Far Paul has 9 second place finishes. More than likely we have gotten the majority of delegates in these states: NH, MN, WA, VA, VT, ND, Maine, Idaho, and Alaska.

Paul has four - 3rd place finishes, more than likely the most delegates in 2 of those states:
IA, NV, MO (no caucus yet) and MA (caucus still to come).

This is like a NASCAR championship, let's just keep getting delegates.

A win will come.

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Dr. Paul will hold on because the others will prove incompetent

Dr. Paul will hold on because the others will prove incompetent in the GIGANTIC challenges coming our way.

Iran and Syria and war in the Mashriq are just one place where Dr. Paul will stand out, leaving a weary and nervous population searching for a standard-bearer of sensibility.

The big one will be the upcoming chain-reaction default of the western banking system. I am uncertain as to how controlled it will be. It may be a papered-over event, or it may be a burning-city breakdown crisis.

But its going to happen, and soon: THIS month, March, features the BIGGEST sale of maturing sovereign debt in HISTORY. Something like $2 trillion must be turned over.

But who has the money to buy it up? Fed and ECB printing isn't working very well to keep those rates on sovereigns down, are they?

So here's our shopping list:

A combination of war overseas, for which mad maniacs like McCain insist we always have enough money. Collapsing sovereign debt structures that will require our bailout. Skyrocketing energy prices thanks to central bank insantity. Our friends at OWS may turn an early spring into a pig sty of civil unrest. And the inability of either the three vermin or the Golfer in Chief to address these problems.

These equal a late-breaking opportunity for Dr. Paul in heavy-duty states like Texas and California.

If only Jesse Benton spends campaign money on actually trying to sell Dr. Paul instead of trashing his competitors.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Didn't Matt Kenseth win the NASCAR Cup in 2003

Didn't Matt Kenseth win the NASCAR Cup in 2003 by only winning ONE RACE? He won the Cup because amass points by finish in the top five alot and he had a DNF on his last race of the season. It about DELEGATES, the more the Ron Paul gets delegates at the County and State Conventions the better his chances are of getting the nomination. Please do whatever it takes to become a delegate in your state. If you are a delegate, please, please show up at the county and state conventions. If you are having a hard time having funds to pay the fee, I sure our fellow RP supporters your group area will help out.


yes, and Terry LaBonte won the cup by winning only 2 races in '96. Jeff Gordon won 10 races that same year.

I firmly believe that Dr. Paul will walk away form Super Tuesday with half the delegates.

its not about winning the race it is....

the collection of results(delegates), most people are superficial, the msm knows this...so you get the hyped TV coverage. Even knowing this, I too find myself getting caught up in the hype and getting pissed. After stepping back and collecting my thoughts I realize Ron is right, most people throw in the towel and miss out. I think we have a shot and all the while we need to be out educating those who have not seen the light yet.

Help document the Mainstream media lies.


I'm Convinced More Than Ever

We need to inform the 50+ crowd about the real differences between the candidates. I ask all of you to PLEASE take a look at the Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER that compares the candidates on the issues. You can order them with proceeds going to the campaign or download and print them yourself if that's best for you. Please take a look: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

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The only numbers which can really make a difference in the beauty contests now are the "more mature" voters. The loose ends of delegates are most probably the older crew, too, as the RP youth/smart are already snapping up delegate seats. A change of focus might be very advantageous at this point, emphasizing that the SS and Medicare programs will be protected for those already involved. Another point is perhaps changing the focus on "liberty," (advertising purposes only) to a restoration of ethics recognizing the will of the people.
The people as a group, imo, have reached the "oh my, that isn't constitutional" point...now we need to move them on to the "restore America"...values and honesty reference, which can mean only one candidate, Ron Paul.

P.S. I am a delegate to State

Ron Paul is doing fantastic.

Dr. Ron Paul is running the long race.

The only ones that should be allowed to complain

are Ron Paul delegates. If you didn't take the time not to become a delegate you shouldn't be complaining.

The key to this whole race is delegates and all 4 candidates will be staying in this race to the end.

We are starting Round Two in Minnesota and having some good results at the county levels. I am into round two and hopefully pass more Ron Paul delegates on to the third round.

Please remember these Straw Polls don't mean a thing... The last time Romney won in Minnesota in 08 but didn't come out of the state with no delegates. The delegates went to Ron Paul and McCain.

Looking at the posting of the Washington State and others a lot of delegates were picked up.

Folks in the remaining states please try become delegates and alternate delegates. A lot of delegates don't show up for the second round so you as an alternate delegate get seated!

Keep fighting this isn't over by a long shot!

Your are Right Northstar Freedom

Your are right Northstar Freedom, it all about becoming a DELEGATE at the county and state conventions. You haven't tried to become a delegate or help someone help become a delegate, then you needs to find a way to get back into the game. It is not over by a long shot.

I didn't like the

I didn't like the title of this thread. Last night brought me to tears. But reading these posts has lifted my spirit, I am once again back in the game!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

right there with you..

Who ever said a R3volution would be easy? I look at Dr. Paul speaking so eloquently with fire...growing stronger even against the adversity brought on him by the media and his own party...and I know we must go on. Did you see his speech in ND last night? He is stronger and stronger...

His speech was on fire

and it made me proud to support him more than any other candidate I've supported in the past!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Yesitive! Positive!

Well done joeinmo!

Your post is inspiring.

Will continue to persevere positively!

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

Are you ready?


Paul bumped down to 3rd in Idaho by 29 votes

nope they are using round three votes

Santorum needed + 200 votes to move up to second out of The final county, he got 178

see below

In round one, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich barely broke 15 percent and that meant only Roemer, who received 8 votes out 3,800, was eliminated for round two.

In the first round, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum topped the list with 1,327 votes. Texas Congressman Ron Paul had 989. Romney had 881 and Gingrich had 570.

In round two, Santorum won again with 1,137. Paul had 740. Romney had 534 and Gingrich was eliminated with only 201.

Santorum also won round three with 779 votes. Paul had 542 and Romney had 248.

That sent Santorum and Paul to a final round face-off. Santorum took 674 votes. Paul took 496.

Last night Ron Paul beat Gingrich In 6/11states

Last night Ron Paul beat gingrich in 6/11 states
Beat Rick Santorum in 2/11 nearly tied in another (idaho) and was a close third in another
Beat mitt Romney in 1/11 states

Ron Paul was very competitive last night even though every MSM station wrote him off as having no chance

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Ohio is interesting...

It is a primary where the delegates are not bound to a candidate on the first ballot. I hope we are crashing the delegate process there.

In it to the finish.

That's the best way to win. Steady second place, under the radar and racking up delegates. Look at the numbers. Add up the "other than Romney" votes. When Santorum and Gingrich drop out, who will get the "other than Romney" votes?
Ron Paul.


Ron always gets 2nd

So if Mitt and Frothy flip 1st-3rd, it's really a 3-way tie.....

thank you for posting



Absolutely this race is completely schizo and a total free for all, completely wide open right with some huge states coming up especially Texas


Yes, second means alot regarding delegates for now.....

After April 1st it is winner take all as I understand it. We have to hope for Louisiana, Texas and California.

Missouri Caucus March 17

we won the county level caucus in 2008, but after sneaky tricks we lost at districts.

We did a sneak attack last time, will be harder this time, but we have some tricks up our sleeves - stay tuned


should be a win

Ron Paul won Lousiana in 08

But it wasn't made public at all. I had called the person in charge of the caucus at the time several times. At that time they said they would not release the winner's name. I asked why and they said they didn't have to say and that they were going to wait for the other primaries to take place, then could do a re-vote and vote for the candidate that took the most states.
I don't know why that state works like that but if the winner at that time was a media puppet, the news would be out all across t he nation of who won it, but it was mum until two weeks after their primary they re-voted and went with McCain. Amazing crap! You KNOW Paul won it!!! Look what they did! Hid the results and did a re-vote. I don't know if their rules are the same this election round but that was so strange, I knew back then Paul won it, no other reason to not tell the world who the winner was!


Won't Gingrich / Santorum be heavily favored in a southern state like Louisiana ?

If the vote fraud is handled,

If the vote fraud is handled, I have always believed we would win Louisiana. I also believe we won there last time. I KNOW we will win it this time if fraud is stopped.


People in LA love freedom. Freedom to drink, gamble and chase whores.

And its the precise reason Im moving there in two months. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul