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Ron Paul supporters must now support Libertarian Party Presidential candidates

After last night's defeat in the "Super Tuesday" contest, it is time Ron Paul and his supporters put their influence with the Libertarian Party. Ron Paul picked up a miniscule number of delegates and has lost each state primary. The writing is on the wall, "The Republican Party is not a principled party and will have Mitt Romney as their nominee for President of the United States."

Sadly Ron Paul will not be the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in 2012 and the sooner supporters move their support to the Libertarian Party, the better it will be for the country as a whole. Bringing their passion and skills to support the Libertarian Party's nominee will be crucial for a true three way race for President come this November.

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Paul Supporters: Beware the Third Party Trap

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

~ Albert Einstein

Recently, Justin Raimondo wrote a thoughtful editorial Ron Don’t Let Your Heroic Effort End In Tampa.

I agree with Justin about how the GOP is actually a greater threat to our remaining liberties, wealth and the continuance of perpetual war than even the socialist Democrats.

Also I think he is right about the Paul’s young supporter demographics as this is the least likely group to vote in the conservative Republican primaries indicating his overall political support is substantially greater than the smaller vote totals might indicate in the closed primary process. He also asks Ron Paul where the movement he inspired and created should go following the GOP Tampa convention ending on August 30th.

Justin and many of my libertarian and freedom movement friends sincerely believe that Ron Paul should go the third party route following the convention but I have come to a totally different conclusion although I highly respect their opinions, views and intellect.

Any Movement Future Discussion Is For After the GOP Convention

While "where we go from here" is certainly a legitimate question, the Ron Paul campaign cannot answer this question or even publically explore the possibilities until after the convention. The political power of the Ron Paul delegates and campaign through the convention are totally dependent upon keeping the GOP establishment and Romney forces guessing on the future of the Ron Paul movement. Otherwise we will make ourselves irrelevant to the GOP sooner rather than later. Now they have to consider:

Will Paul endorse Romney or sit out the fall campaign and general election?


This is the second smartest

This is the second smartest thing I have read on here. Forget the Republican party. Leave that for the Santorum lovers. There is not future for Ron Paul with the Republicans. They have made that clear!



These people are real jokers, outwardly on the payroll....

Let me get this straight, Dr. Paul didn't get delegates even though he's currently leading at nearly the top with the MOST delegates?

Its all a lost cause even though he cleaned house in the Virgin Islands, & won Maine cleanly after fraud was uncovered?

He should just basically, step aside and get behind all the "Libertarian" people like Bob Barr even though they're pretty much making huge strides against the machine?

Good God. Who in the world even writes this far-left propaganda nowadays, what neo-liberal sycophant pays for this dribble?

Krauthammer & Koch, no doubt.

I think its most wise that Ron Paul go ahead and go the full distance, for the entire year.

I find it very ironic that the louder he truly becomes, the more the Establishment Liberal Machine continues to implode & self-destruct.

Like a self-destructing bomb!

I love hearing how Clooney ends up in jail, who attacks Ron Paul, how Krauthammer, Billy Chrystal & Michael Moore can't stand him, news of how the Department of Homeland Security keeps training their "SWAT" teams to attack various states, even though they are surrounded by millions of bullets, and also DYED IN THE WOOL elite degenerate liberals coming out on national T.V. admitting they are terrible people.

Along with Senators calling for the TSA's abolition, Senators moving forward to release to the public all the illegal statutes of the Patriot Act & openly admitting that the Patriot Act should perhaps be rescinded.

And how the Federal Reserve is a fraud!


Admitting to every media outlet recently, that Goldman Sachs is the worst thing to ever arrive in this country. That's music to my ears, yet they all say Ron Paul should just quit the race?

What, and miss out on all the amazing fireworks?

I think NOT!!!
Give 'em hell Dr. Paul!!

The LP is dieing. Not really an option.

The last election cycle showed us where the real LP is. You may remember... They put up Bob Barr as their candidate. That's right the same Bob Barr who threw his support to the Newter! A Neocon was the Libertarian choice for '08!

The LP does not even post their presidential candidates. Look at their web site, one or two news items a month and a few blog posts. They even are trying to raise $400K and have been for months. Ron Paul can often raise that by lunch and has over multiple money bombs. U like the ideals and Dr Paul represents them better than the current LP leadership. The LP is a dead end.

They used to be libertarian but today it looks like the Soft Republicans have killed the LP. I suspect it is little more than a Dinner Club where the leadership enjoys the good life at the expense of a dwindling membership.

If Dr. Paul does not make it to the Repub ballot then we need to be sure he is a write in for all 50 states.

It must be Dr. Paul or no one at all.

We should quit the GOP?

So far we've captured key County Committeeman positions; we're running for GOP delegates; some have captured GOP Chairman positions in Counties as well as in some States.

Final conclusion...we should quit the GOP? Support the traitorous Bob Barr-supporting LP? Yikes!

The RNC is months away. Either this post is far too premature OR someone's trying take down Ron Paul from the inside. It's always an inside job :/

And spoil all the fun we are having

Taking over the Republican party? Thats a buzzkill, LOL

We are in this to the end.

Ron Paul's recent letter states that he is winning delegates that don't get reported in the media. The caucus system is a long drawn out process, and I know first hand that Ron Paul is winning lots of delegates.

Third parties don't fare well in a general election. We have to hang tough in the GOP if we are going to be of help to Ron Paul. Follow his lead and persevere.

Minnesota Mary

Why move without Ron Paul?

O.P. :"...the sooner supporters move their support to the Libertarian Party, the better it will be for the country as a whole."

I will do that if Dr. Paul runs Libertarian. I do not care for Gary Johnson. There are some other very good candidates running this year, but I doubt they are electable, because they are complete unknowns. Most LP presidential candidates tend to be intelligent, likeable individuals who are not famous and have never held public office. The Libertarian Party needs to run a candidate who is famous, a household word, in order to get results.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Start supporting Libertarian? Are you crazy?

Why should he do that when he has the lion's share of the delegates? Ron Paul's supporters are the ones that are energized enough to stick around for party business while the supporters of Santorum, Gingrich, Romney etc. GO HOME! No matter the frauds they have perpetrated, Ron Paul has ended up with the delegates even in states he "lost". So, :P. It is RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL for me. I'll vote for him and ONLY him in the general election even if I have to write his name in.

hey Mr bobbyw24

don't go away mad , just go away!!!!!Ron Paul or no one at all!!!

Outside of Ron Paul

I have no interest in any party.

I don't care which flags Ron Paul runs under...

I just want him ON THE BALLOT for president. There are 900,000 Ron Paul supporters who've already had their primary and are just sitting on the sidelines now, foaming at the mouth, wanting to fight the fight.

I have signs, flags, bumper stickers, super brochures and I sit here dead in the water in Florida.

I'd be right back our sign waving tomorrow if Ron Paul was the Lib nominee and so would hundreds of thousands of others.

You can't jump ship at the last minute, I hear the Libs have left the door open until May. It would be nice to see Ron Paul pick his own places he wants to go, rather than following these GOP baboons around the country.

Run ads, pound Obama, pound the anti-war message to the independents. If we're going to get a foothold, we need to do something soon.

meekandmild's picture

I'll write in DR Paul

Let's get him on as many party tickets as possible. The Constitution Party has ballot access in all 50 states. Something to consider.

Ron is still winning Liberty is still popular!

PAULOPHOBIA an irrational fear of Ron Paul. This is still persistent among all the MSM and I can't understand why we do not see right thru there sleight of hand like Santorum being offered to the evangelicals this will be a bait and switch.

Sorry: We are rebranding Liberty INSIDE the 2-Party duopoly

What do we gain going inside?

1) Access to the Nation's voter Database
2) Access to the Nations National Debate STAGE

How easy is it? Very easy...read on...



Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

that's nonsense

Not actually.

Anyone supporting liberty opposes major party "access to the Nation's voter Database".

That example is directly opposite any common sense understanding of honesty.

Yes, D's and R's currently rig the game thru many tricks, one of which has been and remains bestowing access to voter lists for the benefit of their chosen friends and excluding the rest of the public.

That's the core of rigging elections...so, you support that.

What you propose is to be the power rigging the elections...and that's hardly new, that's the way it has been going for many years.

Those Ron Paul supporters continually saying things like "third parties are no good", "third parties are not the way" etc, always are aping him and have no understanding of what he has said now so many time regarding third parties.

Your comment betrays that you haven't thought it all thru.

By what right do you and any others have an entitlement to a taxpayer financed thing like the Voter Database AND the right to deny it to others?

There's no right of access when the rest of the public is denied.

Obviously, voting cannot be kept honest without a transparent voter database.

I don't knock any honest decision to work within either of the major parties.

Your comments show a complete lack of understanding...and I oppose any attempt by you or other major party hacks to rig the game in your favor.

That is exactly what you just said...and it's the reason so many Ron Paul supporters remain in the dark about what's happening whenever Ron Paul gets screwed by the GOP in these many primaries and caucus contests.

Simply put, you are begging for it...you get slammed and you respond "please sir, may I have another?" That's what you asked for by joining into the GOP and that's what you now offer to do to others, slam them, screw the right of all people to an honest vote so you can get whatever unearned meritless benefit you crave.

You do if you mean what you wrote.

There should be NO major party subsidy on anything, like the Thieves who attend the nationally televised taxpayer supported GOP convention.

I'll support Ron Paul delegates and Ron Paul thru the GOP convention right up until the point they make any sign of doing what you just said you want to do.

Do that, and I oppose you; as will any honest person.

Like the GOP Thieves who require independent and third party candidates to face nearly impossible ballot access obstacles while they place their chosen insiders on the ballot without such restrictions.

You need to think things thru.

And if you think Ron Paul ever will be allowed on the National presidential Debate stage, well, you can't know that either...and the odds remain no way in hell.

Why would Obama even agree to debate him?

There is no automatic inclusion, it's run by people who never have supported Ron Paul and who always actively have opposed everything he represents.

You need to take off the blinders and figure out where you stand.

Honest American or party hack?

taking over the Rep party

taking over the Republican Party is much easier than convincing half of america to vote for a new party. we've been working on a takeover for about 5 years now and I'd say we'll be in a much better position in 08

What have you done for Paul lately?

I don't know about that...

5% to 7% always vote 3rd party
20% of the republicans will vote for Paul
80% of all anti-war independents and dems will vote for Paul.
80% of all civil liberties independents & dems will vote Paul.

I understand the magic number in a 3 pony race is 38%. It doesn't sound like an unreachable number to me.

can he still go 3rd party after the gop convention?

if they screw him screw them..

These flyers are all free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <- all versions that are available.
- Including flyers geared towards 50+ generation.(If you know a place or neighbourhood with retirees where they might have an impact)

Yep--by 2020 Ron Paul will

Yep--by 2020 Ron Paul will win

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How many presidential races

How many presidential races has the libertarian party won Bobby?

For being a moderator here you sure push the 3rd party stuff pretty hard, perhaps you would be better served to moderate your own forum? www.dailylibertarianparty.com ??

I don't think he is a mod

I don't think he is a mod here any more--or even here at all ;)

It's truly pitiful

to see someone with penis envy of a 76 year old man.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

bobby.. did you vote for bob

bobby.. did you vote for bob barr last election?

No--I voted for another 3rd

No--I voted for another 3rd party candidate .

I did not care for Bob Barr

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bobbyw24, just consider what you are showing

You extol the wisdom of joining with the LP to continue the fight, and do so here on DailyPaul, a site dedicated to supporting Ron Paul's current efforts.

Isn't there some well-populated Libertarian group? Of course there is not. So, you feel you must come here.

In doing so you only enrage those who might be your allies.

I say this as a long time Libertarian who's quite disgusted by those who frequent this site to tout the LP.

I say this as one who feels Ron Paul would have made a better choice by running Independent/Third, after the last GOP effort didn't gain the nomination.

However, the choice is his choice and he's made it, so I support that choice.

Why do you feel it's a good idea to come here and simply insult those who are working toward a common goal?

The goal is liberty, not any party.

This isn't the place for a post like you have delivered. It's simply impolite.

I just want him on the ballot

I don't think the DP really cares which ticket he runs under, it's not the Daily Republican

I don't see a common goal

I don't see a common goal here other than to worship one man

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