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Ron Paul’s Virginia surprise

Ron Paul is receiving 41 percent of the vote statewide. That is by far the largest percentage of the vote he has won in any state since he began running for president in 2008. Paul’s previous high was 35 percent in the Maine caucuses last month.

Paul almost certainly benefited from the fact that he was the only non-Romney on the ballot in Virginia. People who support former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum likely cast their vote for Paul not because they support the Texas libertarian but because they want to weaken Romney.

And, Paul’s showing — though it exceeded expectations — won’t help him much in the delegate chase. Paul looks likely to win just three of the state’s 46 delegates with Romney netting the other 43.


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Here's the deal.

Virginians got to experience clarity.

Faced with an unpleasant task of voting for Romney, many said "I better look closely at this Paul guy, even though Fox News says he has no chance."

And what they found, pleased them. It pleased them so much, they went out and voted for Paul.

More BS from bobbyw24

so Paul only got the vote because they want to weaken Romney. You are an ASS!

Suppose Someone Drops Out Before the Convention

Suppose one of the candidates drops out before the convention, or even at the convention, and endorses someone besides Ron Paul.

His delegates can vote for whomever they want to vote for.

Ron Paul could win on the first round, even without having enough delegates bound to him.

And bylaws can be changed by the delegates.

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It is absolutely imperative that my fellow Virginians be cognizant of the deadlines for the county mass meetings and conventions. You can find the offical calls for these meetings at:
along with any accompanying paperwork that needs to be filed.

For instance, in my county of Montgomery (which went to Paul, along with 4 other counties in Soutwest Virginia!), the delegate filing paperwork must be turned in to the county chair by Friday the 16th. The actual mass meeting for my county is Saturday, March 24th. Some of the deadlines have already passed in some places in Virginia, so if you haven't looked into it yet, find out IMMEDIATELY what your deadlines are, and meet them.

I know it is easy to feel defeated and weary after days like yesterday. The fact is, the only way this movement survives and thrives is through dedicated, enthusiastic LOCAL action. Expecting Ron Paul to sweep into Washington and change everything, without a solid base of local and state support, is foolhardy. We have to be the agents of change in our own neighborhoods, always with an eye towards positions of community leadership.

I often hear people refer with hopelessness to the two-party system as an insurmountable obstacle to a political culture based on liberty. History, however, demonstrates that it need not be so: In the early 1800s, simple backcountry youth, who grew up in a tavern, grew up to take on the most powerful, wealthy families in New York state, wresting control of first the local, then the state, and finally the national democratic party. This man went on to be one of the last great presidents of the early republic, due to his steadfast reverence of Jeffersonian republicanism, and his devotion to keeping America out of foreign entanglements. This man was Martin Van Buren, a man who was no doubt slandered in your high school history book, because as Ron Paul's candidacy has taught us all, a presidency based on leaving the people to find their own destiny and promoting peace, friendship, and commerce with all nations, has no place in the American narrative constructed by those in charge.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I am so thankful that many among us see Virginia not as a defeat, but an opportunity. I see the defeatism that runs rampant after days like yesterday, and I constantly have to remind myself: nobody is going to come and save me. It is up to us, the people, to always stand up for what we know to be right, no matter what obstacles and setbacks we face.

And, most importantly of all, it is necessary that we

We can do it, and we will do it.

The only surprise

is that he didn't win. This was the head to head match up that a lot of people wanted. What this tells us is that there are just as many anti Paul votes as there are anti Romney votes. Unless you think that Romney would have pulled in 59 percent even if the others were on the ticket. This is discouraging to say the least.



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Yet again this poster

has taken an opportunity to rain on RPs parade. Do you support RP or are you just here to discourage RP supporters?

There's a difference between

sabotage and acknowledging the reality. It helps nobody to fool oneselves. If you don't acknowledge the problem, you'll never be able to solve it.

Sometimes we Paul supporters simply live in La La land and we don't like to see that RP's message is still very much a work in progress and that the revolution isn't as far as it should be. Best to wake up to reality and actually do something about the problem.

Don't run away from bad news. EMBRACE it and CONQUER it.


And well said Sir.

Face reality.
3 delegates in Va was a terrible result.

The good news is that it is a fairly simple things to change the delivery of the message to attract more converts and a few other simple things to get more votes.

But if you do not face up to the problems or shortcomings, you will certainly never fix them.

We are on the backfoot now.
Gotta step it up and get on the front foot again like we were in Iowa.


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I am not running away from bad news

Anothernobody was improperly setting expectations too high before the vote in Virginia, saying we should expect to win and be disappointed if we don't. Then after we get an astounding 40.5% he says house it is a surprise we lost. What a fucking idiot. He is the one living in La La land if he truly thought we were going to win in VA. I live in VA, and despite the best efforts of RP supporters here in VA we knew it was a losing battle. We did not "expect" to win, but we fought anyway. Guys like this anothernobody are delusional and ignorant of reality, not me. We in VA and anyone else with a brain did NOT expect to win VA. So don't tell me to be disappointed that our efforts got Dr. Paul the highest % of the vote yet. If you don't like my opinion I don't care. People like him (and you by extension) are bad for morale. I live in reality and have my expectations adjusted properly it is anothernobody who needs to re-evaluate his expectations.

You poor soul

I'm sorry that you can't handle reality. My comment was honest. Calling Virgina a "Surprise" is a joke. I'm sorry I don't want to be on your "we lost but let make ourselves feel good" bandwagon. I deal in reality and the reality is that a Paul loss to Romney when Paul should have had the support of Gingrich and Santorum supporters is bad. Go play your peewee baseball boy. This is a mans game.

Happy to see that some people

Happy to see that some people get it

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I Don't Think So

Imagine your 20 nearest households. How many of them surf the internet for political news, and how many rely on the MSM?

If MSNBC can have a news report with our guy missing in action from the report, can you call voters "anti-Paul"?

I don't think so. We have a media problem that still continues. We must buy more TV, and work like crazy to get local news coverage, including simple, inexpensive things, like letters to the editor.

I would donate to run ads on cable TV.

Before they can be anti-Paul, they have to know he's in the race. And, then, that he can beat Obama.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I understand what you are saying

and you give a good reason as to why but that doesn't change the end result. Media induced ignorance aside, there are some die hard neoconservatives and just plain ignorant Repbulicans who fear Dr Paul. They either don't understand his positions which is a result of the biased and untrue media coverage, as you say, then there are some, possibly many, who just flat out don't want Paul. We love Paul and sometimes it's hard to understand why others aren't flocking to him in droves but the fact is that he is not going to appeal to some no matter what.

That's the reality of it as I see it. We lost in a two man race against the guy that the Republican voters are suppose to distrust for not being a "true conservative". That is very telling and I'm not going to try to spin it into a feel good win just so I can feel better.

And as for your last comment you are right but some people prefer to live in ignorance and they will never come around. And let's not discount Obama supporters who may have voted for Romney because they know Obama will trounce him in the general.

Some local wins in VA for him though...

Four counties in my area, including mine, were won by RP. I figured that was pretty cool.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul


It is absolutely essential that my fellow Virginians be cognizant of the imminent deadlines for county mass meetings and conventions. Some have already passed; some are right around the corner.

For instance, here in Montgomery County (which went to Paul yesterday, along with 4 other counties in SW VA!), delegate filing paperwork must be turned into the county chair by next Friday, the 16th. The actual mass meeting is on Saturday, March 24th. You can easily find the official calls for each mass meeting by using the Virginia GOP website and working down to your congressional district, or by directly searching for the GOP website for your congressional district via google. Here is the VA GOP website with the official calls list:


I know it is easy to feel downtrodden and weary after the abuse that has been suffered at the hands of the media gatekeepers and establishment power-brokers. But it is imperative that we remember, that this movement will only survive and thrive with constant, enthusiastic activity at the LOCAL level. Hoping for Ron Paul to sweep into Washington and change everything without a solid foundation of local and state level support is foolhardy. You and I must be the agents of change among our own neighbors, with a constant eye towards positions of community leadership.

I often hear people state with near hopelessness that the two-party system is an insurmountable hurdle to any progress towards a political culture based on liberty. History, however, states otherwise: In the early 1800s, a simple backcountry youth who grew up in a tavern took on the most powerful families in the state of New York, wrested control of the state and then the national democratic party, and ultimately became one of the last great presidents of the early republic, due to his reverence for Jeffersonian republicanism and his principled opposition to foreign entanglements and confrontation. That man was Martin Van Buren, a man who was no doubt slandered in your high school text book because, as we have learned with Ron Paul's candidacy, presidents who leave the people to find their own destiny and who promote peace, friendship, and commerce with all nations, simply have no place in the modern American narrative as it is constructed by those in charge.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I am so happy to see that people are looking at Virginia not as a defeat, but as an opportunity. I look at the defeatism that runs rampant when these contests don't go our way, and I have to remind myself: nobody is going to come save us. It is up to us, the people, to always stand up for what we believe in, through any avenue possible, even when obstacles are thrown up in our way, and most importantly, to NEVER SURRENDER.

We can do it, and we will do it.

another subtle troll post..

another subtle troll post..


The Troll Hunter lurks...


Because Romney got over 50%, he gets pretty much all of the delegates. However, just because they're bound to him now doesn't mean that they are in a brokered convention. If anyone knows any delegates, could you forward the promotional flyers?

Here's the link: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

I think that if delegates gave them to other non-paul delegates then maybe we could sway some to our side. ESPECIALLY if there's a brokered convention. Think about that one.

the 50% is only for at large delegates

as far as I know the congressional district delegates still get split up proportionally according to votes received in that CD as per proportional rules RNC before April 1 states. Generally if you got 50% statewide you get all the CD votes too, but Paul got the Richmond CD, so should get 3 delegates.

It would have been risky..

to give all efforts to VA.
Then they wouldnt have the same following in the small caucus states and the risk of still beeing below 50% would have been still present..

It wasnt the campaigns fault.
Its the the fault of the supporters that either didnt show up at the voting polls or didnt distribute enough informational material to inform the ones that just rely on the mass media..

Ron cant be everywhere even when he is the fittest on the bike.

Take over your neighbourhood and voting place - thats the key.

You are as valuable as Ron Paul is! 1000 flyers are as powerfull as a 5 minute Ron Paul Fox interview. Its the same message.(tough not spinned by the media)

Super Brochures and Comparison Flyers are highly effective and do change hearts and minds!

http://www.mediafire.com/?pthqrk9mrtfcxca,jncr8yjgdg037em <--with comparison how the candidates rank against obama.


I back you on the literature

The campaign literature alone helped flip delegates at our pooled caucus (not to mention our ability to speak to it!). It was like seeing the glazed over Romney supporters (and Santorum) wake up right in front of me.

It's not enough but we are indeed the army that spreads the message and the importance of the message and that leads to action and that action equates to votes.

I'm not discouraged - I'm charged.

Sometimes you have to take risks to reap the rewards

This campaign hasn't taken any risks. Always the safe bet on the small caucus state. Its not working.

They need to do something drastic to try to save this. Virginia was the best opportunity and I believe they flubbed it by not competing there.

But whats done is done, lets look forward. Ron needs to win a state badly! Its probably too late to make a big difference in Kansas, but Hawaii might be an option or Missouri.

I'd like to see them open the flood gates on one of these states like they did in Iowa and go all out for the win.

We won my district!

Congressional District 3 -- we did some official canvassing, but I gave up and went door to door in my precinct hanging (the dreaded) superbrochures! I also gave stacks of superbrochures to local pawn and gun shops.

On election day I sent out reminders and twisted a few arms and even devoted some time at the precinct (mainly to collect signatures for Bob Marshall, author of HB1160 and HB 10 (nullify NDAA, Obamacare, respectively) to run on the June primary ballot for US Senate. Other Virginians can help with this too! http://bobmarshall2012.com/petition

The point is that if you want it (at least in your precinct) you've got to make it happen!

Here are the results from Hampton, VA. (Kraft is my precinct.)


The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

Special Thanks to Cary Nunnally

-- who totally organized the area! She was the driving force for the area and without her I definitely wouldn't have gotten so involved! Maybe you could be the "Cary" in your area!

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

If only the campaign had paid attention to Va

10% away from winning and they spent basically no time or money there.

If I were running this campaign I would have made Virginia the last stand. Ron vs Mitt - go all in on Virginia.

If he wins it the whole race gets turned on its head and that is all anyone would be talking about today if he loses it, we are exactly where we are today.


Interesting point, but it

Interesting point, but it begs the question would he have faired worse in the caucus states because of concentrating in VA? If he had gone all out in VA and still come in second, he would be right where he is now as far as VA is concerned, but would he have lost a few delegates in other caucus states in the process?

I like your way of thinking and daring strategy, but what he did is in keeping with his strategy of going for delegates. I, for one, am good with it.

I agree, they blew it...

1 on 1 with Romney and they can't find or motivate voters to beat him, that's it. If you can't target your opposition and take them out, with nobody else in the way... Then what the hell are you doing?

In my state, we did calls and lit two weeks before the election and through election day, WE HAD FOUR YEARS... to go after Independents, Democrats and Republicans... Our strategy: court Republican likely voters and IGNORE his base supporters in an OPEN primary!

They didn't even know they could vote for Paul, and stayed HOME!

Why spend all that time and money, and not go after your BASE of support... I just can't understand or defend that! The campaign failed him this time, just like last time. We could have done so much better...

I agree

Virginia was a high risk/high reward opportunity. Just think what a surprise attack with a last minute media/appearance blitz would have done, particularly in areas such as Norfolk with a high concentration of military or Southside VA that doesn't like plutocratic Mitt. Also, there is a tradition of cross-over voting in VA. I personally got a number of Occupy types to vote for Ron as a free shot at the Republican establishment. It may not have made a difference but if we had won it would have destroyed the MSM narrative that "Ron can't win a state". A lot more valuable going forward than one or two additional delegates in Idaho.


point taken, yes, high risk

point taken, yes, high risk high reward...