June 3 - Ron Paul to Speak in Reston, VA - Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties Conference

Thanks to Fonta for the following:

Ron Paul is scheduled to speak on Sunday June 3 at the Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties Conference in Reston, Virginia for 45 min on Nonintervention: The Original Foreign Policy. His slot is right before dinner on Sunday; I'm sure everyone will be there!


The final speaker to close out the conference is Jacob Hornberger the founder of The Future of Freedom foundation. In his recent article entitled Why Ron Paul's Answer Terrifies Them, my favorite part is this: "The Republican establishment knows that if the American people conclude Ron Paul is right, the gig is up with respect to big-government, pro-empire, interventionist foreign policy that Republicans (and many Democrats) have supported for many years..." Mr. Hornberger says: "Never have I been so excited about a conference in my life."

Go to their site ... what a line-up of speakers! Is this possibly a send-off, pep-rally, strategy meeting? Some absolutely astounding things are happening.


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Conference organizers got back to me saying that many of the speeches are now posted on speakers sites or sponsoring organizations. Said it might be awhile before they have a transcript of Ron's speech as he was one of the few who did not have written speech to turn in . Guess he doesn't need one!


Feedback on Conference

I have written the conference organizers to learn when and where we can read Ron Paul's speech. Hopefully they will respond. I encourage everyone to go to the conference link and click on the various speakers.
Visit some of the speakers sites and view their articles and blogs on Ron Paul. Huge supporters with a wealth of information as most have been working for years to restore the constitution and the republic and they know Ron Paul is our hope. There may not be another opportunity like this.


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Thank you again

Fonta - thanks again for the info, and the linked article. Let me stress to everyone - this is an excellent article that should be read by all: