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"Just The Basic Facts"

Working the polls in my neighboring precinct in SE MA this is what I observed. In this precinct there were 2375 reg voters, 258 showed up to vote (kudos to them but still pathetic apathy reigned). My job was to cross names off the voter list as they passed with their completed ballot en-route to the tabulator. The voter list had many more registered independents and dems than repubs, and of the independents the majority were voting republican. I tried very hard to see their ballots and what I did see was a lot of Romney votes cast by the 40 and older crowd. Most of the 258 voters were 30 and older, very few showed up that were younger than 30. The 30 and under from what I saw were voting Paul, I did see a couple of older folks with Paul votes. Here are the totals:
Paul - 20 votes
Romney - 115 votes
Grinch - 17 votes
Sanatorium - 22 votes
O-bomba - 68 votes
Undecided - 16 votes
Also at this precinct it was evident that my co-workers were very diligent in keeping the process unadulterated. The possibility of fraud would have to come from the voting machines or the central tabulation, lots of room for error or malicious activity.
WE NEED TO WORK HARDER TO WIN THESE BEAUTY CONTESTS. However delegates are where its at and I do trust in Ron,s game-plan and I will be at the local caucus to play the game on April 27th to choose delegates.
Do not loose focus please, get in there and fight, we can win in more ways than one.

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Good Post

Thank you for stepping up to the plate to prevent shenanigans and working hard through the election process.

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