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Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race


BOISE, Idaho — Ron Paul’s top strategists are confused and frustrated that the wild enthusiasm they see at their campaign rallies and events is not translating into votes.

Thousands turned out to see the Texas congressman at events in Alaska, Idaho and North Dakota in the days before Super Tuesday. Paul said publicly and believed privately that he could win all three states outright. When the votes were counted, though, he finished third in Alaska and Idaho and second in North Dakota.

Paul may still emerge with a big chunk of delegates in the GOP nominating race, but the candidate’s much-hyped focus on caucus states has yet to yield an outright victory in any state.

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Read between the lines people...

Paul has the biggest crowds, but it doesn't translate into votes counted by the electronic voting machines...

I wonder how that could possibly be?

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Well said Michael

This is my campaign slogan:

Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012

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To my knowledge

ND did not use machines. In Grand Forks, we used paper ballots slipped into a ballot box.

The process may have been different for the other caucus states however. I don't know.

what do we do after we read between the lines?

that's the question.