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Giving Up!

As I sit here, honestly questioning giving up, I thought to myself:

I wear my passion for Ron Paul on my sleeve, literally, everywhere I go. This is going to hurt today. This is going to hurt tomorrow, and if anyone tries to rub it in, I will emotionally crush them and put their ignorance of every issue and every process on display for all to see so that none will DARE do it again. That's right, we Paul fans know our stuff.

On that point, my mind turns to apathy. "If these ignorant people don't see the truth, that's their problem, I have shown them the way." I know in my heart this is over, the Paul push for the White House is done.

My wife and I have argued the past several days, just because of the Paul race. I'm WAY more worked up over this race than she is, I am after all a soldier, and I do put my life on the line for this country, whether that is for Obama, Romney, or Paul. THINK ABOUT THAT. For Romney's policies? For Obama's Policies? SANTORUM'S POLICIES??? It's INFINITELY frustrating when I have sworn an oath to the Constitution, to then turn my back on it and enforce a tyrannical policy or else suffer the penalty of prison or death. I digress. While speaking to my wife, she gave me the ole, "everyone online is saying to not give up hope!!" I simply told her that, "They only say don't give up because they are cheerleaders. But we can't give up, we have no choice."

Me, personally, I hate cheer leading...False motivation.

However, my response actually gave me hope...not because there may or may not be a chance, but because there is no other option. Paul supporters KNOW THAT. What happens when Paul doesn't win? Simply...HORRIBLE THINGS.

We can't give up. WE CAN'T! Ron Paul writes about a story in his book Liberty Defined. Here is the brief summary:

A man is preaching to a city, trying to get them to change their evil and corrupt ways, telling them of all their sins. Day in and day out, this man warns them and tries to save them from their ways. Eventually a citizen approaches him and ask him, "Why don't you just give up already. Can't you see that no one is listening to you? No one cares!" The man responded, "I realized long ago that I wouldn't change any of you or turn any of you from evil. I continue to spread my message because it prevents YOU from changing ME."

My bottom line is this. WE MUST GO ON. We are liberty. US. We have to "preach", we have to spread the message, and we have to fight. We may not change ONE more mind. But they will NOT change us. If through this endeavor we convert some believers in liberty, so be it, and thank God.

But if nothing else...do this for you. And remember in the back of your head...Ron is our ONLY choice. There is NO alternative other than collapse and tyranny. Don't stop the donations, don't stop the support, don't take the bumper stickers off your car, don't take off that hoodie with Ron Paul across the back.

If you do, you are not giving up on Ron and ceding to the other candidates. You are giving up and liberty and ceding to tyranny.

Sincerely, (although poorly written)


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Youth enthusiasm and indolence are a bad combination

You see thousands attend the rallys, all these youth coming together for a common cause. If gives Paul and others false hope that he can win the preferential poll, but leads to disappointment because only a fraction show up to vote. We have a vocal youth but not a voting youth, lots of bark but no bite, they shout but they don't show, they party but they don't participate, the bandwagoners outnumbering true believers. Paul can't seem to convert those rallys into results but it's not his fault.

Ron Paul Not a Hit With Youth Voters on Super Tuesday

The youth should know by now what to do. After disappointing results on Super Tuesday by going below expectations. Hopefully he can win his hometown Texas and also California after knowing now that Ron Paul can't win by just showing up in his rallys, that they have to show up to vote. Delegates are great but let's not downplay winning a primary or caucus which is great for momentum. Also, if he doesn't win a single contest it creates a public perception that he is not electable and that Paul is not a viable candidate.

No. I don't believe it.

I cannot believe that voters in their 20s who would go door to door distributing brochures and use their own phones to phone from home for hours on end and would wait in line for two hours just to catch a glimpse of Ron Paul for a minute would not vote on voting day.

I don't believe it. Voting fraud is MUCH easier for me to believe.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. As they used to say.

Fraud and

Fraud and the lies of the media. I don't trust MSM, the youth went out to vote, but then we have the sheeples who watches lots of TV and only trust the MSM, then we have the more than occasional election fraud process behind the scene. (Then democrats who are not voting in Republican primaries, but will likely vote in the general election!)

Keep on spreading the words! the country is slowly waking up! We maybe going an uphill battle, but when you make it to the top, it'll all be worth all the times you have fallen and you'll be glad you've picked yourself back up!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...

Remember the Alamo!

That same date, March 6th. Was it defeat or wakeup call? You have to understand these new recruits at the rallies days before primaries, how many of them were actually registered to vote by that time? It takes a good month to do so. I'm sure they will show up at the general election, and hope it won't be too late by then.

In the meantime, all of you who read this in the states remaining. Stand up for those who did go and gave the vote for Ron Paul. Time is running out. Every delegate counts. Become one. Remember the Alamo!

PROMOTIONAL FLYERS Comparison Chart of the 4 GOP Candidates

Just finished up with a version of promotional flyers geared towards those 50+

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Folks, I'm just downright

Folks, I'm just downright angry, mad, disgusted and peeved.

I heard someone listening to the anti-American Limbaugh and he was talking about how Santorum is winning by keying on FREEDOM and the constitution. Huh?. Santorum is not preaching freedom; he is preaching bondage and tyranny. Ron Paul is proclaiming freedom, liberty and the constitution and he gets treated like ship.

Paul is the only candidate who supports the Constitution of the United States of America. That means nothing to millions of Americans. So be it. However, tyranny is here.

No other nation will save us (as we have saved so many nations in the past). We will continue until the dollar collapses and we all get rolled under the auspices of the U.N. Again, most Americans probably think that will be great. Not me.

I can't leave. I do not have enough money to get out of my county let alone my country. Even if I could, where could I go? Only the ultra-wealthy Power Elite class has any rights anymore.

I just want to be free.


I know what you mean, I have felt that way as well.

However, we cannot leave. It's the same principle as my original post. What is the alternative?

Even though you can, in all likelihood, be targeted for assassination in the U.S., if you go overseas, your U.S. citizenship is now worthless, and grants you NO protection. So, why run? We still have the BEST Constitution ever drafted. We must only defend it.

Our only choice is to stay and fight. If we run from what was once the pinnacle of liberty and let it fall to tyranny...what will the rest of the world do?

This is ground zero. This is OUR fight.

Yahoo Article "Ron Paul's Pointless Internet Presidency"

RP Supporters...read this GARBAGE by Virginia Heffernan

"Ron Paul's Pointless Internet Presidency"


Give her a comment worth remembering guys, show her Paul's support is real.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Nicely Written

I read this when I could really use it.

Often I try to put myself in Ron Paul's shoes...constantly chewed on or blacklisted by media, answering the same unrelated or stupid questions again and again, putting up with vote counting that clearly has problems, being told I cannot win...he is doing that for US.

I will not give up this year, he would not give up on us

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Well-Done Platoon Leader!


Oath to the constitution

You given your oath to support the constitution. Keep your oath, be the voice of the constitution in the military for us. We need good men and woman in the system of corruption. There will be a day when our own government turns on our own and we will need the most when that day comes.

Don't get mad - get even...

show the GOP what real r3VOLutionaries are made of. Never give up, never give in. And never let them see you sweat.

Freedom fighters throughout history have suffered terribly for their cause but the fight for freedom never dies. Do it any way you can - money, mailings, signs, etc. - but just do it.

P.S. Beautifully written, platoonleader.

United we stand

Ron Paul has already won, so the term "giving up" doesn't apply to the supporters of his message. We all know we will not whimper away with our tail between our legs. We will hold strong. We will recruit. Our numbers will grow. The powers that be are scared.

Channel motivation elsewhere...

Paul being in the WH is not the one and only way for liberty to exist in this country. Of course, it is one way but you shouldn't rely on one campaign staff to do the work and feel the only way to work for liberty is by giving money and standing by one man.

While Paul is an icon, there are many other ways. Running for local office, etc...and many ways creative minds can come up.

Should someone feel disappointed by not being the frontrunner like Romney, it does not mean you are giving up on liberty by any means.

Even if Paul were in the WH, it does not mean liberty won at all. You still have to share power with dnc and your party leadership.



Skip to the Wead interview and watch, if you haven't already:


Then go back to the beginning to see what can be done.

The lowest point of the last campaign was when Ron Paul, the realist that he is (he's a pragmatist and realist as are most libertarians, even though, for inexplicable reasons we're called idealists), suspended his campaign.

Nothing we could do about that--except continue it for another four years until he came back in!

And this time, he really wants to win and thinks he can win. This is no time to quit!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Republican Crap!!

A Romney supporter came up to me to gloat over his win on Tuesday, he started talking about another RP supporter who was going to write RP in come November and throw away his vote. He wanted my assurance I would not do the same. I told him I was voting for Obama as pay back to the GOP for all the harm they imposed on the RP campaign from the beginning. I said this to piss him off, now I'm thinking of doing just that. I do not see any difference between Democrats or Republicans, both platforms are destroying this once great country. I feel like I'm on death row waiting for my execution, will it be Romney or Obama who throws the switch? We need a third Party, Libertarians unite!!!!

dave anderson

Channel Your Anger

You need to channel your anger into the campaign for Ron Paul. Donating makes me feel better.

For one thing, he's winning.


For another, if you vote Obama, your vote will be lost. It would be better to vote for the Libertarian candidate, instead. It sends a less ambiguous message.

This race is not over. I feel frustrated and helpless every election because my candidate never makes it in (I vote Libertarian). But I sleep well. I don't see how you can consider the Ron Paul campaign as anything but a winner. We're doing great!

The only thing I like about Obama is that at least he's not McCain. The public ought to be aware by now that Democrats are no better than the status quo Republicans. If we can get the nomination, we stand a great chance of beating an incumbent. Now, that, would send a message to Congress.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It is Ron Paul who

It is Ron Paul who personifies the fight right now, but the intellectual discussion for a return to a free society will continue no matter what happens in this election cycle. The message itself has reached a tipping point and the genie cannot be put back in its bottle.

More here: http://www.freemarketfan.com/2011/08/ron-paul-has-pushed-ide...

Thank you...Platoon Leader

Actually very well written as thoughts from the heart tend to be. Your words strike a resonance for liberty, as do the words of Dr. Paul...the reason he can speak for long periods of time without a teleprompter, it is a message he understands, believes in...a message of truth. Thank you for your words, I'm sure they have helped many.
Troops Onward.

There's an important point you made.

"Me, personally, I hate cheer leading...False motivation. "

I'm so sick of the "Be Positive!" posts.

I much prefer the realistic, pragmatic, no B.S., objective analysis, given to me straight, with no sugar coating. For as many people around here claim to like Ayn Rand, on this point, very few practice the "objectivism" she often talked about.

Here's What I Believe

Ron Paul has no business running as a Republican. That party no longer represents the traditional conservative point of view, just as Obama's Warmongering Democratic Party no longer represents the liberal point of view. Therefore, Paul needs to go Independent, choose a good v.p. that will be acceptable not just to right-wing Paul supporters, but to those on the left, the independent voters, and those who are moderate conservatives. He has a very good chance of winning if we can make sure people have a choice between Paul/Bruce Fein or Dennis Kucinich (he would help with the liberal vote). When only 9% of the country approves of Congress, the country is ready for a third party candidate.
It is time for Ron Paul to break out and do what he talks about: freedom. He should break free of the corrupt Two Party system. If you think the crowds are big now, imagine how many more people would come on board if he rejected the Two Party system and picked a v.p. that could cross party lines.

I wish you were right but

The media will not give any platform to a 3rd party candidate. As much as Ron Paul hates it, he knows he has to run under the Republican flag. It must hurt him to do it. I have anticipated his loosing the nomination although my financial support will not diminish. If he does not win, I will sit on the sidelines in the general election. To hell with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the stupid party as Samuel Francis used to say. They gave us Bob Dole and John McCain and they expected to win. Maybe another 4 years of Nobama will convince the Party that it is not their job to pick the "right" candidate.

It Doesn't Matter What the Media Does or Doesn't Do

if the left, right, and center are climbing on board with an Independent Ron Paul. Not one single person I know likes Romney or Obama. This would not be just any third party run. Ron Paul has a ground game in place. Besides, if Ron Paul announces, the media will sit up and notice, and you can bet Romney and Obama will sit up and take notice. There are some things neither the media nor the established parties can brush aside, and a third party candidate with millions behind him will not go unnoticed.
Seriously, Ron Paul is stuck in the Republican Party only if he wishes to be. Furthermore, if he chooses to go third party, and there are shenanigans with the vote count, we'll see people rise up and go to the streets in the name of justice.
(I'm with you on not voting in the general. I'll either write in a name or not vote at all, if it comes to that. I won't let the media or the liars running for election scare me into voting for them. It's a matter of principle. I will not vote for ANY candidate with an R or a D after their names, either. They're all just money-grubbing crooks.)

You are right about leaving GOP.

Paul has nothing to gain by staying in GOP and only eveything to lose. You just don't run on someonelse's party and think you are going to win without fighting. If you stay in the gop, they will or already co-opted you.


Honoring your oath to the constitution

"It's INFINITELY frustrating when I have sworn an oath to the Constitution, to then turn my back on it and enforce a tyrannical policy or else suffer the penalty of prison or death"

From a vet: then don't turn your back on it. It's your choice. Enforcing a tyrannical policy means killing and imprisoning others so you won't be imprisoned or killed.

Be the change you want. You can't expect others to make sacrifices you are not willing to make. Dr. Paul is not responsible for changing the culture in this country, we are, including the military.

Those tyrannical policies can only be enforced if there are soldiers willing to enforce them. And if you deploy to enforce them rather than refusing then you are saying that honoring your oath to the constitution is not as important as enforcing tyranical policies.

Supposedly we have the bravest, strongest, smartest military in the world, yet no one is brave enough, strong enough or smart enough to honor their oath. So why take it? As Dr. Paul said about Santorum: it's about credibility.

Find other conscientious objectors and organize yourselves. There's strength in numbers. There's never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Just remember

Reagan used the same strategy that Dr. Paul is employing. The establishment hated Reagan too, and he ended up winning. This is far from over and the beauty contests are just that. Our delegate counts are looking great, and I'm honestly feeling good about it. You should too because when this is all said and done it is going to be the biggest underdog win in history!

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.
Thomas Jefferson

Where liberty is, there is my country.
Benjamin Franklin

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.
G. Washington

jaseed's picture

Like Adam eating the forbidden fruit

all over again.
Learn from history? Nah
The forbidden fruit of course are the three stooges and emperor O

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Placing hope in man

is a doomed ideology. I have accepted that I will never bow to another human walking this earth. I am a Christian. I will place my hope and treasures in heaven. I will promote the cause of liberty for all, because it allows all people to express their beliefs. I accept that I will not be saved by any man walking this Earth. I also accept that there is nothing a weapon of any kind will do to get me to heaven. I am resolved to keep fighting for peace.

A strange twist of fate may

A strange twist of fate may happen at the eleventh hour. Don't be discouraged, this is not just about an election. And if Ron Paul doesn't win, look at what he's done to start changing the world. It will only continue. And those apathetic people who think life doesn't affect them, wait till something comes down hard on them like a result of the NDAA or the so-called Food Safety bill. More and more people are going to wake up for their own reasons.When I talk to people, instead of just talking about Ron Paul, I tell them about something that happened to someone that violated their rights. Like the child that had the lunch box seized. Things that hit home for parents,etc. That's what works. Then I may mention that only Ron Paul will return us to our freedom. Anyway, the way I see it- liberty is just getting warmed up. And personally, if I'm in the gulag- you can kill my body but you can't touch my soul and I will be back!


An important thing to realize

is that "giving up" is not an option.
It doesn't stop the abuse from coming. The butt-f*cking we're getting isn't going to get more palatable. It's going to get worse. Sometimes people equate "giving up" with "the pain stops". Unfortunately, in this case, the pain inflicted will get far worse. It's like you are getting the crap beat out of you by a bully, and you say "I give up", but he keeps beating the living crap out of you anyway. The only way to stop the pain is the get that bully off you.

So, I'd suggest that people realize that regardless of any apparent results being not what we'd like so far, the effort only has to get stronger.
Unless you just feel like bending over for these tyrants for the rest of eternity.
I don't consider that an option.