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Giving Up!

As I sit here, honestly questioning giving up, I thought to myself:

I wear my passion for Ron Paul on my sleeve, literally, everywhere I go. This is going to hurt today. This is going to hurt tomorrow, and if anyone tries to rub it in, I will emotionally crush them and put their ignorance of every issue and every process on display for all to see so that none will DARE do it again. That's right, we Paul fans know our stuff.

On that point, my mind turns to apathy. "If these ignorant people don't see the truth, that's their problem, I have shown them the way." I know in my heart this is over, the Paul push for the White House is done.

My wife and I have argued the past several days, just because of the Paul race. I'm WAY more worked up over this race than she is, I am after all a soldier, and I do put my life on the line for this country, whether that is for Obama, Romney, or Paul. THINK ABOUT THAT. For Romney's policies? For Obama's Policies? SANTORUM'S POLICIES??? It's INFINITELY frustrating when I have sworn an oath to the Constitution, to then turn my back on it and enforce a tyrannical policy or else suffer the penalty of prison or death. I digress. While speaking to my wife, she gave me the ole, "everyone online is saying to not give up hope!!" I simply told her that, "They only say don't give up because they are cheerleaders. But we can't give up, we have no choice."

Me, personally, I hate cheer leading...False motivation.

However, my response actually gave me hope...not because there may or may not be a chance, but because there is no other option. Paul supporters KNOW THAT. What happens when Paul doesn't win? Simply...HORRIBLE THINGS.

We can't give up. WE CAN'T! Ron Paul writes about a story in his book Liberty Defined. Here is the brief summary:

A man is preaching to a city, trying to get them to change their evil and corrupt ways, telling them of all their sins. Day in and day out, this man warns them and tries to save them from their ways. Eventually a citizen approaches him and ask him, "Why don't you just give up already. Can't you see that no one is listening to you? No one cares!" The man responded, "I realized long ago that I wouldn't change any of you or turn any of you from evil. I continue to spread my message because it prevents YOU from changing ME."

My bottom line is this. WE MUST GO ON. We are liberty. US. We have to "preach", we have to spread the message, and we have to fight. We may not change ONE more mind. But they will NOT change us. If through this endeavor we convert some believers in liberty, so be it, and thank God.

But if nothing else...do this for you. And remember in the back of your head...Ron is our ONLY choice. There is NO alternative other than collapse and tyranny. Don't stop the donations, don't stop the support, don't take the bumper stickers off your car, don't take off that hoodie with Ron Paul across the back.

If you do, you are not giving up on Ron and ceding to the other candidates. You are giving up and liberty and ceding to tyranny.

Sincerely, (although poorly written)


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Listen to this song

this is one of the most perfect songs for the r3VOLution after we get beat down a bit, it saved my life a few times...the singer is not the greatest, but his words propelled him in the music scene. Shine by Henry Rollins.


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Great post!

Thanks for the inspirational words.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Frustrated Patriots

in the GOP have long known, that the back-door delegate strategy is our only hope. I hope people in all of the primary states where delegates are elected by popular vote realize that people have been envisioning just such a coup since long before 2008.

Forget it

Folks, the masses that turn out to Ron Paul rallies do not convert to votes. What makes you think delegates will be loyal to our candidate. I do not trust them. I do not count on them.

Oh, one other problem: People who hate Ron Paul make the rules and count the votes. I do not believe Paul will get a fair shake at the convention even if the delegates remained loyal.

Does anyone believe Romney, Santorum and Gingrich will insist on a fair process? HA!

Only Romney and Obama will win in the end.

yes santorum and ginrich do insist on a fair process as it is clear to even them that romney is getting all the cake.


If anybody tells me Ron Paul has no chance then I tell them

America has NO chance. Then I'll add to the fact it's a waste of my time to vote for anyone else because American will continue down the same path because there is no change in policies.

On the contrary sir,

Very well written as well as pertinent. This battle aint over till November and if we don't prevail then we must continue for our kids and grandkids sake. Even after we win they will always be lurking in the shadows to enslave us again.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Dear Friend

You got to remember, too, that all the money we've donated, all the time we've spent, all the effort we've put in does not end with Ron Paul losing! We are building a militia of RP people and winning folks over, even after the primary! Campaign for Liberty will be the in between stages (between Ron and Rand) and then we will have Rand. I know, nothing is like a Ron Paul, but all heros perish and leave the heroism up to the people! So let's keep informing others and making the calls, and telling the GOP to SHOVE IT - they are going to get Obama, hands down. We need to make that happen. I think it is really important they know WHY they are getting Obama for a second term.

Hang in there and help out! Take a break if you must, but get back on track!

In Liberty!


NO! NOT poorly written! A most excellent and sincere post.

I feel much the same way.

Dejected. Disillusioned. Disappointed.

I've spent a lot of energy and time and money trying to make Dr. Paul's campaign successful.

But we're still in it with a lot of 2nd place finishes.

The problem is we are hated by BOTH sides. Democrats AND Repulicans.

In fact, the GOP is Ron's biggest hurdle.

I have no doubt that if he could only get the nomination that he would beat Obama.


So to hell with it - I say go 3rd PARTY.

Re-energize the campaign - regroup - and start over again in a new party.

Possibly on the American Elect ticket.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ron Paul Or No One At All

I've just added the sixth Ron Paul bumper sticker to my car in honor of this post.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without this site. Whenever I start slipping into despair over the futility of this endless battle, I come here and my will to fight on is somehow restored.

Thank you, all you crazy, wonderful people.


Ron Paul has been going through this crap since the 70's. as soon as I reach 40 years of battling the Goliath like the doctor has, THAT'S when I hang it up.

It does hurt...

It does hurt..but hey!!! We give that 76 year old congressman the energy to keep going...he is keeping on the track to the convention for us!!

He won't quit on us..I certainly will not quit on him..and yesterday I was down and out...said some things that were wrong...lets keep up the good fight...lets keep winning some delegates!! Keep spreading the message!

my heart is bleeding too

But following your own beliefs and painful dissenting is still the only way to feel good.

"Once you stop being ignorant, your life can never be the same." - who said this ?

Do you feel, our opponents feel good? I say: Never! They are constantly afraid - even when in total control. Santorum or Romney - poor jerks.
Remember Cavuto reporting about Dick Sauron Cheney "physically bleached" when he mentioned Ron Paul's name?
THEY are fearful control freaks - and remain so forever - there is no peace or quiet in surrendering to them.

As Ben Franklin said (approx.) "Treachery is for fools".

Once you die - and then you will know for certain, what you have DONE - whereas poor Dick Cheney can only desperately try to avoid reality by writing apologetic books.

Peter Buchmann

Give up?!! I'm having a blast!

Why would anyone consider returning to seeing politicians & the media lie to our faces without anyone to return fire?

I have to say I have had a lot of fun watching the Dr & Paul fans - call Dana Bash out, The Dr grill Bernanke on the FED, The Dr call Santorum a fake to his face, Paul fans heckle John King during the CNN debate, Paul fans trying to fly a Paul balloon in South Carolina, etc.

This forum is great. I have laughed a lot and feel good in my heart knowing there are like-minded people out there who want to do good in this world.

I hope no matter which way it goes that this forum is still around to keep building support for the message of liberty and personal responsibility.

It is well worth the small amount of money I put in every month to see someone who cares fighting for us.

Good luck to you all!

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


I understand how difficult it is not to feel frustrated. However, I am beginning to see things a little differently. Just remember that only four years ago the Republican Party chose McCain, a truly squalid neocon. Now a substantial party of the party are supporting Ron Paul. That represent real change and real progress. Looking at history it appears to me that in the main it is the most evil and wicked people who triumph. That goodness like Ron Paul has come so far is nothing short of miraculous.

Going back to McCain and the other current neocons I would just add that not only are such people evil and wicked but also insane.


When we have the torch

we don't have the army. Next time we'll have the army but won't have the torch. How ironic that we can't be blessed with both at the same time...

This is why we MUST continue and not let Dr. Paul's light go out...

We must now go forth without him. We must EACH be a torch.

I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight!

Thank you.

That was just what we all needed to hear. I am 61 years old, plan to be a delegate again, and cannot understand why so many of my generation are still unawakened.

But, I am praying for a miracle. Lord, am I praying for a miracle. And I believe that everything is happening in His perfect time.

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.

I am back!

After being disappointed about yesterday I am back.

Home run! And so true!

We will keep fighting and not give in. Thanks for this post!

I'm still pushing.

The media have constantly distorted, denied, and hidden Ron's actual support. Why should that be different on Super Tuesday? So I'm not assuming he's lost the race.

But even if he turns out to miss on the nomination and not stage a third-party run, I'm still pushing.

Because this isn't about Ron and getting him into the white house. It's about liberty, and getting us all free of tyranny and our country freed from corruption.

This movement needs to go on, and WILL go on, even after Ron, and I, are both gone. Trying to get Ron into the White House is one tactic. Trying to drag the Republican Party, kicking and screaming, from the Neocon distortion back to its roots is another. And there are plenty more. The Presidency was just a target of opportunity at this time, and a fine platform to promote the Liberty movement into a major party - either as a powerful reformist faction within the Republican party or building a minor party into a dynastic successor.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

sharkhearted's picture


Never...never...NEVER give up!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

If only Rick Astley endorsed

If only Rick Astley endorsed Ron Paul..."Never gonna give you up!"...

more debates, PLEASE, Dr. Paul


let's do this! the last debate was so awesome, let's try another one please!!!!

AMEN PlatoonLeader!

Like I've been saying over & over here & everywhere I can QWERTY, there is NO OTHER choice. Not for me, nor the Republic.

Unless Dr. Paul becomes the POTUS, it's WWIII starting w/Syria & Iran abroad, and FULL rollout of NDAA PoliceState at home.

You Choose.

Liberals who are typically ill informed on econ, haven't got the slightest clue how truly bad the coming $1.5Qaudrillion, yes a thousand trillion, in worldwide derivatives exposure that their Wall St. Puppet-in-Chief, simply continuing on from Clinton & GWB, has helped accelerate the bankruptcy of this country (aside from the technical fact that we already are) is gonna be.

Nor, do they have the slightest clue what currency collapse on current trajectory is gonna be like; not a matter of IF, but when.

Thus you have truly imbecilic dolts like Bill Maher who always ridicules RINOs & "rednecks" for being stupid and "living in a bubble," yet a modern day 'Royal' Court Jester who hasn't researched any of what RP says, all the while praising him for his foreign policy, yet ponders publicly how could a man so brilliant in foreign policy approach be so "crazy" on econ and continues to malign RP as "kooky" on Federal Reserve, without EVER researching its origins and why. Worse, proceeded to sign a frigging 1 Million dollar check to an oBUSHma SuperPAC, as a "protest!"

Who's living in a bubble again?

If one were truly intellectually honest, as most liberals self-profess, shouldn't the logical thing for a person who says that they respect and admire another for courage and intellect for the things you love, but don't think is right on another, be afforded the benefit of self-examination and actually bring himself to admit perhaps HE himself is the who doesn't 'get it?'

I mean these sheeple truly delude without a whiskey stupor that a man who used his intellect to become a medical doctor and used the same brains and applied it into understanding economics for over 40years, is actually gonna be "dumber" than a comedian who may read one or two books by his favorite author to form a drive-by opinion?

Brains of a medical doctor vs. a comedian's noggins...

Such is the lunacy of our world.

Granted, no human is solely defined by their profession, especially when other truly intelligent professional comics who have always been brilliant social commentarians throughout history, like Joe Rogans or Richard Belzers of the world, as the two have applied their curiosities beyond the confines of a MSM dictated comfort zones, have done their own due-diligence on 9/11, geopolitics, DMT, and the REAL history of the Federal Reserve know better.

Which is why it's doubly annoying to watch a completely cognitively dissonant dope like Maher run with such idiotic 'logic' and sheeple, like trained SeaWorld seals, clap for him. Which, is frankly just another way of saying, 'yes, we like our own idiocy you're feeding back to us.'

Of course, that's not to say Neocons & RINOs are any different: their MSM personalities echo back to them their psychosis on a permanent loop, when watching FakeNews, Limbaugh, Hannity et al.

Equally, if not worse, the crazed lunatic neocons & their fair-weathered RINO Pavlov's dopes haven't got the slightest clue that once the imperial overreach collapses from either currency or derivatives crash, that the US military, with heavy heavy shame and humiliation be forced to return with tail between their legs.

They cannot fathom that it's not a matter of IF, but when. So choose now neocons, since you're only concerned with how one phrases a reality, deal with this: an orderly withdrawal in which you can call it what you want, declare victory, hell even give yourselves a tickertape parade, or be FORCED to withdraw abruptly where no amount of your PR spin is gonna cover up the realty, even for the dumbest of the sheeple dopes.

Your choice.

In fact, Dr. Paul is GIVING you that option of 'framing your own narrative' but that offer has a pricetag and an expiration date: either you get your arse behind Dr. Paul, or be blamed, or perhaps be hunted down like dogs someday WHEN Nuremberg 2.0 commences. Hell, just kidding, you're still gonna be hunted down like dogs, as Nuremberg 2.0 WILL happen. So like a week-old band-aid, only option for you is a quick strip off, or prolong the agony.

And all RP's detractors literally repeat everything they hear on their fave MSM. There's no policy nuance. Even for those Israel-1sters who can't even locate Iran, or Israel for that matter, on an atlas, haven't got the slightest clue on geopolitics, but listen to Mark Levin more than half an hour, they're automatic experts! Yay!

Wonder if they know that Russians have a Nuke Hail Mary, which God knows if they maintained or updated, that if all their systems fail, and sense ANY, I mean ANY ICBM or short distance nuke warhead in the air, their system is designed to launch FIVE HUNDRED, yes FIVE HUNDRED nukes into preset-Cold War era targets in US.

Did I mention FIVE HUNDRED?

So the day that Israel is stupid enough to launch an attack on Iran, their conventional ordinance alone, by sheer nature of their proximity to Israel, will wipe her off the map.

By then of course, Israel will finally use one, if not all of their 300+ nukes in their arsenal as their own Hail Mary.

Then, the Russian system would sense it, and unless their own Hail Mary has been readjusted since Cold War, will launch theirs, then the Chinese will follow, and who knows what the heck - the Pakistanis will launch theirs for Iran.

By then, US WILL BE forced to retaliate if the Russians' Hail Mary hasn't been updated since Cold War and sense American cities targeted.

If Israel is stupid enough to attack Iran, we WILL have a nuclear winter, for real, when the Russians with THIRTY THOUSAND didn't come to blow with us during the Cold War. Yet, these loons are about to go ape over one or two maybes?

And, if the Israelis and Jews thought that real or imagined anti-Semitism today were bad now, after they start a nuclear war with Iran, they will forever be maligned as the most evil and vile human genetic strain by the world over, regardless of whether it's out of belated or knee jerk reactionary emotions, or long held policy disputes, as the nuclear particulates spread and destroy the earth for millions of years, no one's gonna give a sh*t about them any more. Remember, at the core humans are still tribal: so attack one tribe, the victim tribe will forever remember you as the aggressors and would want to retaliate at any given opportunity.

IF the 'Lord, help us accelerate Armageddon' cheerleading fake Christianists and Catholics of the Frothy ilk want that, by all means, 'do it for Israel.'

Yeah, I'm sure your average Limabaugh, Insanity, Mark Levin, Weiner Savage listeners truly thought that through.

People have absolutely no idea the Hornet's Nest they'll piss off.

Most of the MSM watching dopes and those who select their candidates based on debate ACTING performances on stage honestly believe that this election cycle is about difference in policy, well actually, scratch that, it's much more simple to these simpletons: anyone but oBUSHma.

Kinda like: anyone but GWB. Look where that got them.

Neither of those who still subscribe to the socially engineered false L vs.R paradigm/Hegelian Dialectic haven't got the slightest clue that unless Dr. Paul becomes the President, that their very survival is literally at stake.

So for us, it's NO ONE BUT PAUL. Because otherwise, it's WWIII, and NDAA policestate, no matter who becomes the POTUS, be it 3 RINOs or oBomBa, again.

Unless that that happens, many will hit their proverbial "Gulch" and other will just pop out the popcorn and watch it all crumble from afar, and some will make the French Revolution look like a cakewake.

the govt terrorists have no idea that their pensions were already STOLEN long ago and have been protecting the wrong faction all along deluding that being near power is the same thing as having one; they still think they're part of a 'club' that they never belonged to.

Prior to SHTF, people may have given them some leeway and even accepted their BS rationale. But post-SHTF, no one's gonna give a shiite when they make excuses about how they didn't know.

Unless the Commissars and their enforcers wake up quick and remember their Oaths, their fate won't seem kind, but by then sheeple who've been on the sideline being forced to wake up will perhaps simply view it as Karma.

POTUS Paul = Republic Restored, with the potential to progress into a more voluntaryist society

ANY 3 RINOs or oBUSHma = Full on NDAA Tyranny & WWIII

NeoCons and RINOs are 'tough' until you tell them to fight their own wars. Then of course, they ALL pull a Gingrich, instantly becoming the chickensh*t pansy that he is.

It's gonna be an interesting ride...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Let down?

Maybe a little. A "W" in the popular vote column would have been very satisfying but I believe that "W" has already come in at least two states and the GOP stole them. We already knew that. Ron Paul gave an interview before Tuesday saying that he would win the majority of delegates in three states with some apparent doubts about a popular vote victory. I believe that the win he spoke of has been accomplished. When I was asked how Super Tuesday went, my reply was pretty well if you ask me. Why? Because I keep looking at this race and it seems to me that RP has a majority of delegates in 9 of the 20 states and a good sum in at least 3 others. I always thought that the path to victory was to take over the convention and if wins keep getting divided, even just between the warmongers, then there is no way to avoid the voting at the convention going past the first round. Romney does not have the delegates that the media claims he does, they are counting unbound RP delegates in that number. Don't get me wrong, we have alot of work to do including sending Constitution adhering reps to serve at all levels of government.We can do it. We must do it.

I guess I'm not alone

We are making HUGE strides

I discovered and started supporting Ron Paul in the 1980's, I forget what year exactly. I was a Libertarian, and there were only a couple hundred thousand of us. The Libertarian party was the only port for those of us who supported the Constitution. The dems were full blown socialists and the GOP had gone total neocon by that time. Both parties beat the war drums.

Now there are millions of us, and Ron Paul even gets on TV, something that only used to happen on C-span once a year in the middle of the night.

And we are going to be a force at the convention in Tampa this year. Yes, I wish we were winning and people would wake up, but we are gaining ground, thanks to people like you.

Never give up!

"The day you quit fighting is the day you loose the fight!" In my heart and mind Paul's race for the presidency is a race to win the minds of the people! His responses to questions in the debates were far more ideological than any of the other contenders!

This is not to say that Ron Paul is not pragmatic. Cutting one trillion dollars of the federal budget in the first year is pragmatic! All I am saying is that I believe that Ron is far more concerned about winning the hearts and minds of the people to the message of Liberty!

If enough people change their minds about big government, interventionism etc. and begin challenging the status quo, we will see the change that we seek.

We must not stop fighting for Ron Paul and his bid for the Presidency! We must fight until there is no fight left in us! If Ron Paul is to loose his race, it is our solemn duty to continue his fight for Liberty!

Don't stop fighting for limited Constitutional government! Don't stop fighting for non-interventionist foreign policy! Don't stop fighting for sound gold money and the abolishment of the Federal Reserve! And most of all, don't stop fighting for the cause of Liberty!

If you do stop fighting for the cause, then I am sorry to inform you that you never were a son or daughter of Liberty! Those who have the flame of Liberty burning in their hearts and soul never quit! "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

NOT poorly written

Thanks platoonleader! I've not yet read "Liberty Defined". The message you've expressed here is the most poignant and inspiring I've heard all year. Your unchanging principle has changed me for the better, whittled me back into simplicity...



Marching on as is insanity.

Clearly, Obama and Romney's policies are worse than Santorum and yet you put him in all caps but not the other two - that means you are unclear of who the enemy is.

Obamacare and Romneycare are far left ideology. Since Santorum or the other candidates never penned it by working with liberal advisors, they are by far better than Obama.


check this out!

I have recently been hearing alot about kony and how his tyrinacal ways are quite disturbing and i stop to think about how many people in this world are just as if not more evil than him. i then started a group. "Rise Against Tyranny" i am a huge Ron Paul supporter because i know where he stands on all the issues and like all of you i completely agree Ron paul is the only choice for president. in this group i have created i want to expose how many dictators and the tyranny that actually goes on. with soooo many people in this kony movement it could only help our cause to recruit them to our side. If you have a facebook please help me in preparing an organization to end tyranny and get as many supporters possible! Please join and share!