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Giving Up!

As I sit here, honestly questioning giving up, I thought to myself:

I wear my passion for Ron Paul on my sleeve, literally, everywhere I go. This is going to hurt today. This is going to hurt tomorrow, and if anyone tries to rub it in, I will emotionally crush them and put their ignorance of every issue and every process on display for all to see so that none will DARE do it again. That's right, we Paul fans know our stuff.

On that point, my mind turns to apathy. "If these ignorant people don't see the truth, that's their problem, I have shown them the way." I know in my heart this is over, the Paul push for the White House is done.

My wife and I have argued the past several days, just because of the Paul race. I'm WAY more worked up over this race than she is, I am after all a soldier, and I do put my life on the line for this country, whether that is for Obama, Romney, or Paul. THINK ABOUT THAT. For Romney's policies? For Obama's Policies? SANTORUM'S POLICIES??? It's INFINITELY frustrating when I have sworn an oath to the Constitution, to then turn my back on it and enforce a tyrannical policy or else suffer the penalty of prison or death. I digress. While speaking to my wife, she gave me the ole, "everyone online is saying to not give up hope!!" I simply told her that, "They only say don't give up because they are cheerleaders. But we can't give up, we have no choice."

Me, personally, I hate cheer leading...False motivation.

However, my response actually gave me hope...not because there may or may not be a chance, but because there is no other option. Paul supporters KNOW THAT. What happens when Paul doesn't win? Simply...HORRIBLE THINGS.

We can't give up. WE CAN'T! Ron Paul writes about a story in his book Liberty Defined. Here is the brief summary:

A man is preaching to a city, trying to get them to change their evil and corrupt ways, telling them of all their sins. Day in and day out, this man warns them and tries to save them from their ways. Eventually a citizen approaches him and ask him, "Why don't you just give up already. Can't you see that no one is listening to you? No one cares!" The man responded, "I realized long ago that I wouldn't change any of you or turn any of you from evil. I continue to spread my message because it prevents YOU from changing ME."

My bottom line is this. WE MUST GO ON. We are liberty. US. We have to "preach", we have to spread the message, and we have to fight. We may not change ONE more mind. But they will NOT change us. If through this endeavor we convert some believers in liberty, so be it, and thank God.

But if nothing else...do this for you. And remember in the back of your head...Ron is our ONLY choice. There is NO alternative other than collapse and tyranny. Don't stop the donations, don't stop the support, don't take the bumper stickers off your car, don't take off that hoodie with Ron Paul across the back.

If you do, you are not giving up on Ron and ceding to the other candidates. You are giving up and liberty and ceding to tyranny.

Sincerely, (although poorly written)


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The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein