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Rand Paul in 2016? Are You Kidding Me?

What's the definition of insane? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results...

If Ron doesn't win now, it's over. Rand in '16? That would be sweet, but why would the GOP and MSM treat Rand any differently than they've treated his father in the past 4 years?

Of course, this is assuming America still exists after another 4 years of Obama. If the madman in chief remains, he will accomplish his mission of destroying the United States from within. "Like ripe fruit we will fall into the hands of mother Russia."

Has anyone here ever read, "The Perestroika Deception?"

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I would 100% vote for rand. in 2016

If it came to it. He has a good concision. If the fed isn't gone in 4 years and he runs. it's a no brainier.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

It really depends where the

It really depends where the country is at in 4 years. Four years ago even Ron's domestic/economic policy was ridiculed. Now it is more mainstream, and people are always saying how they like his domestic policy, but not his foriegn policy. If we get involved in more overseas conflicts and the economy gets worse, our ideas might start sounding a lot less radical, even on foriegn policy. The country will have another 4 more years of the same bad policy with no change, and 4 more years to digest the ideas Ron Paul introduced.

So far Rand is treated a little bit better by the media, but I think that's just because he experienced an early baptism by fire over the whole civil rights act thing... He is becoming skilled at handling the media. I'm sure they will still gun for him if he runs, though.

But again it depends where the country is at and it is too hard to tell the future at this point... if we get into a huge war, WW3, who knows what will happen, or if we would even win such a war.

Who will carry the torch next?

Making this clear...RON IS STILL WORKING ON THINGS...but who do you think will be in line next? Ron did mention Judge Napolitano in a few things. What do you think? He is even well known & liked by a lot of Fox watchers. Possible?

The trolls are coming out of the woodwork!

It's the Zoo man, troll extraordinaire. If you weren't so afraid of the Pauls you would not be here. If we did not scare the hell out of you we would not be worth your time. Clearly we present a danger to anything that you want to do in the future. It makes me proud to be a patriot to stand up to people like you. I pledge my life, my fortune, my sacred honor to this country and to defeat people like you. We are many and you are few and we will prevail. The harder you push on us, the stronger and more determined we become. Thank you for showing your cards.


Soon the liberty movement

will have a new candidate for president, one far younger and more powerful. sorry, couldn't resist

In addition...

Rand is the most obvious person to carry the torch. Ron's support has increased so dramatically, and Rand is the only guy out there who could realistically keep that momentum going. The Judge is awesome, but the name recognition alone is the reason that Rand is the only guy who can keep this growth going. Despite what we all hope, not every person who votes for Ron this year is as die hard as we are. Those people on the outside who voted for Ron, will still vote for Rand, but they may not feel comfortable enough to vote for some of the lesser known people in our movement. Plus, the Daily Paul is the foundation for this movement, and it won't even have to change it's name. All we need is for Rand to be the person we all hope he is.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Not to be a downer....

..but if we don't win this year, what do you think Ron is going to do with all these delegates? The power of having these delegates sure as hell aint gonna help Ron's political future, he's 76. Rand has Hannity in his pocket, is younger, more articulate, and aside from a few crappy votes, he is the closest thin to Ron that has any chance at the White House. Many people are subconsciously waiting for Rand. They want Ron's message but the MSM has succeeded at makin ROn the uncool kid. Rand can give the people what they actually want but they won't have to vote for the "uncool" kid.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Well said.

Well said my man, well said. MSM has basically succeeded at making RP look like the crazy grandpa who just rambles, mostly due to his age. Rand is sharp and almost as intelligent as his father. I may be one of those people who mentioned above who is subconsciously waiting for Rand, lol. I love the dude, he knows how to play politics just enough to not be considered fringe, but you can tell what his agenda really is. After all, he is a Paul.

Look at how far our movement

Look at how far our movement has come in the four years since 2008. Think about how much further along we will be after Establishment insanity (more monetary debasement, more wars, more loss of civil liberties) provide four more years of support for all of Ron Paul's message.

Ron Paul is coming in 2nd in primaries RIGHT NOW, with the entire deck stacked against him. Think about how much more powerful our numbers and this message will be after four more years of chaos.

Stay Focused. We will be victorious.

Because Rand is younger, more

Because Rand is younger, more presidential looking, and more articulate at this point (this is not supposed to be a diss at Ron, he's just 76 years old). And he's also more mainstream (which is a negative to us, but a positive to the MSM).

You're right, but you're missing something

Correct - the GOP and MSM won't treat Rand in '16 any differently.

But the average voter will.

Think about how many of the sheeple voters are not voting for Ron Paul simply because he's 76. "I like him, but he's too old to beat Obama."

Idiotic or not, it's real, and it's a HUGE handicap, and it's one that Rand won't be burdened with.