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How to Get Millions of Supporters OVERNIGHT? Have a Professional make a KONY2012-esq video for RON PAUL

We all know there are HUNDREDS of hours of amazing Ron Paul footage. I myself (w/ literally NO EXPERIENCE) have put together 5 videos. Imagine if a professional (I mean a real professional, with a real company) made a 30 minute video that was as powerful as the KONY 2012 video. Whether you agree with it or not, it's hard not to watch. I think it could really be a game changer. A viral Ron Paul 30 MINUTE VIDEO could be amazing.

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You DO realize hat that

You DO realize hat that Kony2012 is pretty much a scam, right? With maybe 25% of donations actually going to any cause?

Please tell me you weren't dumb enough to give any money to it.

Pretty strong language, JW

If you actually read my post, I wasn't talking about the substance of KONY 2012, but of the fact that it went viral overnight. It went from 0 to 11 million to now 40 million, literally, in two days.

Imagine if someone spent a few million on an amazing, 30 minute to 1 hour documentary on Ron Paul. There is so much material...I don't see how he couldn't get TONS of supporters that way.