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Reality Check: What do the 'real' Republican delegate numbers look like?


FOX19) - It's the night after Super Tuesday and there are a lot of questions about where the Republican candidates stand on delegates.

The A.P. and Fox News have their numbers.

But what are those numbers based upon? How accurate are they? Plus, what about those "unbound delegates".

Ben has the Reality Check.

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Very interesting!

It's not over yet! Meanwhile, I have learned more in this election than in any other in my lifetime!

Once again, Ben Swann is the man!

A good reality check, as always. Very refreshing in this post Super Tuesday aftermath to have this race put into proper perspective in terms of delegates. I think Ron Paul has the majority of those 197 unbound delegates.

reality check

I am also hoping - I worry that the GOP knows the strategy now and will try and ensure that our people are not chosen as delegates....however we must keep putting the pressure on - they can't stop all of us ...LOL