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My experience at Idaho Caucus

I was at the Greyhound park caucus. There were around 1000 people who caucused there. We had outstanding enthusiasm, but a fair share of it including myself were from Washington. Santorum won the first 2 votes by about 100 votes each and the third vote by ~80. They never announced the fourth vote total and I was unable to find it out from questioning the gop authorities. I heard that the Rathdrum caucus was very close with less than 20 votes separating Dr Paul and Santorum. Given this information I can't account for the vote totals in the county but in the end it didn't matter anyway. (Romney taking all delegates)
I had a blast personally though. I had the chance to talk to so many people about the message of Liberty and recommended Dr Paul's book Liberty Defined to countless people.
I spent the first almost 2 hours passing out literature and talking to as many people as I could as they made their way into the caucus. I convinced at least 10 people to vote for Paul and a fair number of others that he should be their second choice. When I ran out of things to pass out I set my sights on converting as many souls as possible. I set my sights on anyone who would listen to me, and let me tell you there were plenty. Not everyone was sold on the message, but everyone I talked to was interested and lots of seeds were sown. I converted five people that I know of to change their votes to Paul on subsequent ballots.
Two politically engaged older gentlemen who were former law officers that supported Gingrich engaged me for about an hour or so, before finally conceding that they may not like Ron Paul but if he believed the things I was saying they would go ahead and vote for him. Then far more emphatically they ask me if I would run for office. They assured me if I ever did they would support me fully, and stated that we needed more people who understand why they believe what they do, and the message that I was spreading is exactly what our country needs, and to think they were hearing it from someone half their age. I was humbled and grateful of all I have learned from Dr. Paul.
I then set my sights on a couple of young Santorum supporters that were carrying around signs and waving them. I ask them why they supported Santorum, to which they replied "Abortion". They listened for over an hour and ask lots of questions, before they had to go vote in the last round of voting. After they voted they came and found me again and wanted to learn more. They told me they had voted for Paul and congratulated them, but told them they looked like Paul supporters all along to me. I then told them that most important thing is learn more and ground their beliefs. They assured me they would read Liberty Defined and told me that the Truth had set them free and they were never going back.